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One of the most commonly repeated pieces of advice given to couples is that communication is key. Keeping the lines of communication open can present quite a challenge, particularly when both you and your partner are trying to navigate busy days and balance work and home life effectively. If you find that you and your partner simply don't have time to communicate as effectively as you would like, try writing in a daily couples diary. In doing so, you can communicate daily via writing, regardless of how little time you might have to sit down and chat.

Bible Verse Entries

  • If religious devotion is of paramount importance to both you and your partner, make Bible verses central to your daily diary entries. Take turns selecting Bible verses on which to focus. On the days that you are to select the verse, pick a verse, write it in the journal and compose a short explanation of what the verse means to you. When your spouse has time, he can pick up the journal and respond to what you wrote, adding his own interpretation and writing the verse for the next day on the following page.

Bedroom Behaviors

  • While sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, many couples shy away from engaging in frank discussions about the topic. If you find that you and your partner don't talk about sex-related topics enough -- or at all for that matter -- keeping a bedroom behaviors diary might prove an effective communicative practice. Write back and forth to each other in this journal daily, telling your partner what aspects of your current romantic relationship you enjoy as well as what things you would like added to the relationship you currently share.

Reasons I Love You

  • Everyone likes to hear that they are loved. Make these exchanges in writing by keeping a diary journaling the reasons you love one another. Each day, write a different reason why you love your spouse, and ask her to do the same. The beginning of your diary will likely be filled with common reasons for affection, such as the fact that your partner is caring or that she is kind, but as you move further in the diary you will likely find yourself unearthing more creative reasons for your love, such as her Scrabble skills or her ability to peel an apple while leaving the peel in one piece.

Get-You-Thinking Quotes

  • Reflect upon the words of others while connecting with your spouse in a get-you-thinking quotations diary. To begin this diary, purchase both a diary book and an anthology of quotations. Move through the anthology and select a quote that you appreciate. Write this quote, along with an explanation of what it means to you, in the diary. Ask your spouse to do the same, responding to the previous quote and selecting one of his own to keep your written conversation going.


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