Good Thesis Topics in Chemistry


Becoming a research chemist or professor involves obtaining a graduate-level diploma, such as a master's or a doctorate degree. In order to do so students need to put together a thesis. A good thesis topic will incorporate a student's interests in chemistry first and foremost. The thesis builds on past research and contributes a unique view or research study in order to create an effective academic document.

Green Chemistry

  • There are a number of contemporary movements in various disciplines that can be described as green. There are green chemists emerging in the academic, government and corporate sectors. These individuals task themselves with redesigning chemical products and constructing new ones in order to significantly reduce environmental damage and person health problems related to chemicals. A thesis focusing on green chemistry may look at the historical roots of the movement, major players in the field and how it relates to social movement theory, academia and the chemistry market.

Plant Toxins

  • Various species of plants manufacture protective chemicals that are toxins or deterrents to organisms that attempt to consume them. Some organisms evolve to consume such chemicals without harm. One example involves the relationship between the chemical-producing wild parsnip and the immune parsnip webworm. In a thesis, explore the chemical makeup of plant toxins and the ways in which certain organisms are able to consume them safely. Focus on one plant or do a survey of many. Look at the makeup of the chemicals in question and include biological studies explaining how certain organisms are able to process otherwise toxic chemicals safely.

Ants and Soil Chemistry

  • A journal study published in 1983 revealed that intense activities by ants in Colorado created chemical changes in the soil surrounding their mounds, which influenced and altered the vegetation that grew there, compared to areas where no ant activity occurred. Examine the soil-related chemical changes caused by ants or other insects that nest in large colonies, such as termites. Choose a geographical region where activity is high and compare areas where ants change the soil chemistry as opposed to similar areas where there is no ant activity, and then note any differences in the surrounding ecology.

Chemical Preferences in Beer

  • Beer is a popular beverage around the world and there are many varieties for consumers to choose from. These varieties are manufactured via various brewing methods and from assorted ingredients, which breed different chemicals. Choose a country or geographical region where many types of beers are made and do a chemical analysis of those beers. Explore what chemicals are present and how those chemicals emerged as a result of specific brewing methods. Then, see if there is a connection between popular brands or styles of beers and the chemicals in those beers. This will suggest which beer chemicals are responsible for preferable tastes.

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