The Topics for a College Oral Presentation


A college oral presentation should analyze two or more perspectives on a significant topic. While the presentation can advocate a particular side, an argument needs to be presented then refuted within the speech. Offering social ramifications or interesting aspects of the topic the audience may not consider is an important part of a college level presentation. Statistics or facts for a speech should be incorporated within a speech to make it more compelling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power

  • The use of nuclear power as an energy source is a prominent international topic of discussion. While many countries turn to nuclear power as an alternative energy source, the risks associated with a plant malfunction can be significant. Comparing the benefits to the potential risks of using nuclear power creates an informative oral presentation. Or compare nuclear power to other alternative energy types.

Gun Control Effectiveness

  • Gun control bans are used worldwide to reduce violence. A presentation on the effectiveness or inefficiency of gun bans in controlling crime can become a compelling speech. Presenting a case for gun awareness as an alternative is another point of view for the speech to possibly analyze. Statistics on gun bans in cities such as Washington D.C or London would bolster the facts outlined in your speech.

Climate Change

  • Discussing the existence or nonexistence of global climate change is a possible presentation topic. A speech on climate change could discuss scientific evidence, international policies, potential ramifications of climate change and whether humans can influence climate change or not. Specifically analyzing America's contribution to climate change is another avenue for a speech on climate change. Research and incorporate data on the global temperature to support your speech.

Stem Cell Research

  • Discussing aspects of stem cell research is a possible speech topic. Funding and legislation for stem cell research is often controversial. Contrasting adult stem cells with embryonic stem cells is another perspective the presentation could take. Innovations for stem cell research are frequently introduced. Stem cell contacts or taking stem cells from the skin are new applications for stem cells. Case studies and treatment results for stem cell research should be analyzed and offered as evidence within the speech.


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