What Is Roku Netflix?


Netflix is one of the leading movie subscription services in the world today, largely due to the movie streaming service that it provides customers. You can access the streaming through many different tools, one of which is the Roku player. Roku offers a box that will allow you to stream all Netflix online content.

What is Roku?

  • The Roku streaming player is a device that you can hook up to your television to allow you to stream Netflix movies. The device is very small and it simply plugs directly into the television. It can stream the movies through a wireless internet connection with the built-in Wi-Fi connection. If you do not have Wi-Fi, you can also plug a wired connection into the back of the Roku streaming player and watch Netflix content.

Set Up

  • Setting up the Roku streaming player is very simple and can be done within five minutes in most cases. The Roku player will come with a cable that connects to your TV. Take this cable, plug it into the back of the Roku player and then plug it into the back of your television as well. (The cable will split into yellow, white and red wires on the end. Plug these wires into the matching color A/V outlets on the back of your television.) You will also need to plug the AC cord that comes with the Roku player into the back of the player and into an electrical outlet. From that point, you can use the Roku remote to set up your Wi-Fi connection. If you do not have Wi-Fi, you can simply plug an Ethernet cord into the back of the unit.

Streaming Netflix

  • To make the Roku streaming device work, you will also need a Netflix subscription. The Netflix subscription will provide you with the ability to stream movies and television shows from the online Netflix library. You can choose from thousands of options. With your Roku remote, you can type in the name of a show or movie and find out if Netflix offers it. You can buy only a streaming plan from Netflix or a plan that offers a combination of delivered DVD and streaming.

Other Content

  • Once you get a Roku player hooked up to your TV, you can also watch other content besides what is offered from Netflix. You can also hook up to live content that is offered through the Roku channel options. For example, you can watch the Roku Newscaster channel and get the latest news from all of the sources you trust. You can even watch live sports through subscriptions like NBA League Pass, UFC and NHL Gamecenter Live.


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