Characteristics of a Trophy Wife


Pretty face, beautiful body, a plastic smile and an empty brain -- so went the description of a trophy wife. Lately, though, perceptions have changed. Today's trophy wives are intellectually brilliant and prolific achievers, according to ABC News and "Psychology Today" magazine. The progress of women and changing of attitudes in men have elevated the status of a trophy wife from mere arm candy to a powerful presence.

Professional Success

  • Income and professional status are indicators of a trophy wife, according to the article "The New Trophy Wife" in "Psychology Today." Men are increasingly interested in women drawing a similar or higher salary than themselves. The increasing preference of men to have a partner with the same qualifications and the fluctuating economic conditions are reasons for the change what is considered a trophy wife. Men need women that can share the financial burden of supporting a family and take part in decision-making. The article also talks about a research carried out by University of Albany sociologist Scott South on what men regard as most important in their prospective partners. The research that studied men in the age group of 19 to 35 reveals that men prefer professionally stable women the most; women's ages, racial and religious origins, as well as marital status and the presence of children, were lower on the priority list.


  • The trophy wife is a woman with an education equivalent to or higher than that of her husband. A Ph.D., a self-made entrepreneur or other achievements are notable accomplishments that the modern male expects in his trophy wife. Men are increasingly attracted to women that possess intelligence equivalent to or sometimes greater than theirs. Looks and appearance have taken a backseat when it comes to deciding the trophy wife; men are looking for women equal to them in mind and intellect. Men with power seek equally powerful women, and since intellectual strength equates power today, it's women with brains that rule.

Personality Traits

  • Trophy wives are achieving women with pleasing personalities that make their husbands the object of envy. Ambition, enthusiasm and motivation are all looked for in a trophy wife. Intelligence, good social skills and the ability to present oneself well are other admirable qualities. Many men are inspired by their high-achieving mothers, and look for the same drive for success in their brides.

Be Forthright with Your Expectations

  • For those looking for a trophy wife, it is important to be clear on what you expect in your future spouse. Discuss fundamental issues such as money and sex prior to marriage, explaining what you are going to bring into the relationship, as well as her responsibilities. This discussion is even more important if there are children involved.

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