Ways to Bind Paper


Crafters can save money by binding their papers together themselves. Decide if you'll need to add or remove any of the papers from the finished product, as this will determine which methods are best for your binding needs. Bind papers with supplies that are readily available and budget-friendly. Use your binding knowledge for any kind of papers, from professional to home office to personal and craft projects.

Binder Rings

  • Binder rings make it easy to bind papers together regardless of how many or how few papers you need bound. Measure the height of the stacked paper and select binder rings one size larger than that size so the pages turn easily. Hole punch the papers and use label stickers on either side of the holes so the papers don't tear. Slip the papers onto the plastic or metal binder rings. Create covers for the papers out of card stock.


  • Rulers and screws are inexpensive binding tools for papers. Line a ruler with precut holes in it on top of the pages, and mark the location of the holes. Hole punch the pages at that mark. Screw through the top ruler, through the hole punched papers, and through the back ruler and secure with bolts. If you use wooden rulers, add metal washers between the screws, nuts and the wood so the screws don't split the rulers.


  • Hole punch the pages in two rows, one row about one-half in from the first row. Cut several lengths of ribbon long enough to go through all the pages twice. Thread each ribbon through two holes, one in each row and tie them in a knot. Do this until each hole is threaded with ribbon.

Polyurethane Glue

  • Stack the papers and tap them on a hard surface so they all fall into alignment. Do this on the bottom and on the side. Pinch the papers together with binder clips. Dampen the edge to be bound with a wet cloth. Rub a polyurethane glue, such as Gorilla Glue or EXCEL, onto the dampened edge and set the stack aside to dry. Let it dry thoroughly, which can take 24 to 48 hours, depending on how many pages are being bound together. Create a cover by cutting card stock long enough to wrap all the way around the back, side and front of the paper, and about one-half inch taller than the stack of papers. Rub the glue onto the side of the card stock and press the bound edges of the papers into the glue. Set the book up on its side so the paper is pulled into the glue by gravity, and again let it dry for 24 to 48 hours.

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