Signs You Are an Overly Sensitive Man


You may think you're just being attentive or empathetic, but others may see you as an overly sensitive man. Although many people value sensitivity in men, the trait can go too far and lead to problems in the relationship, whether romantic or platonic. Watch for the signs that you're being overly sensitive to stop problems before they start.

Antisocial Behavior

  • Overly sensitive men often feel the urge to hide and get away from the stressors of the outside world. They may cancel plans at a moment's notice (or avoid making plans at all) and offer little or no explanation for their behavior. They tire easily in the company of others and are especially prone to bouts of depression and the desire to be left alone. They may feel overwhelmed by even brief contact with strangers and are unlikely to want to meet new people.

Heightened Emotional Response

  • If you are frequently referred to as "thin-skinned" or "emotional," you may be an overly sensitive man. Overly sensitive men often feel extreme empathy for others, taking on the pain they imagine another person must feel in light of certain circumstances. Other people's moods have a profound effect on overly sensitive men, and may even change their mood in response. They are generally unable to take a joke at their expense, reacting strongly with anger, grief or confusion.

Sharp Intuition

  • Despite the faintly negative connotation of being an overly sensitive man, such men do frequently have the ability to sense what others are feeling without being told. They may even know what another person needs before that person asks for it. Overly sensitive men possess exceptional powers of intuition and are prone to artistic endeavors that enable them to express strong emotions. In response to what they intuit, overly sensitive men may experience panic or anxiety attacks.

Physical Fragility

  • Overly sensitive men may find themselves with multiple allergies, including allergies to different foods. They are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can produce depression during cold or dark parts of the year, and are very sensitive to changes in the environment, such as falling temperatures. An overly sensitive man may possess a heightened sensitivity to the effects of alcohol, leading him to become intoxicated after drinking very little. He may develop asthma or experience extreme discomfort in the presence of loud noise or bright light.

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