Probation Conditions for Sex Offenders in Indiana


Indiana, like most states, requires people on probation for a sex offense to follow specific terms and conditions of probation. While these offenders can remain free in the community, work and spend time with their families, they must follow standard probation regulations such as reporting to the probation officer, paying court fees and remaining law abiding. Specialized probation requirements help ensure community safety.


  • According to Indiana legislative code as of May 2011, sex offenders must register with local law enforcement within 72 hours of placement on probation. Registration information includes address, email contact information, race, sex, date of birth, weight, height, scars and tattoos, eye color, hair color, driver's license number, Social Security number and vehicle information. The penalty for violating registration requirements is a Class D felony, in addition to any penalty for violating the original terms and conditions of probation. Conviction for a class D felony can mean six months to three years in prison.


  • A sex offender must follow certain residence restrictions and must have her residence approved by the probation officer. She may not live within one mile of her victim. She must also live at least 1,000 feet from a school. She may not go to a school, day care or playground.


  • The probationer must pay for and complete all sex offender counseling as directed by the courts. He may not miss any counseling appointments, including at any self-help group. Failure to attend or comply with counseling is considered a probation violation. He must also take any medications as ordered by professional medical personnel. He must also complete polygraph testing.

Personal Restrictions

  • The sex offender on probation must abide by a curfew of 10:00 p.m. She may not possess any child pornography or obscene material or visit any strip club, peep show, adult bookstores, any place with exotic dancers or any business that sells sexual devices or aids. She cannot drink alcohol at all. She cannot be involved sexually with anyone with children under the age of 16 and may have no contact with minors under the age of 16. If her crime involved one of her own children, she may be restricted from contact with them as well. The courts look at each case individually. She may not have any Internet access whatsoever and the probation department can search her computer at any time.


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