Icebreaker Ideas for Christian Meetings


Warm up your church meeting with a few Christian icebreakers to get everyone mingling. Icebreakers also help introduce any new faces and give everyone a chance to make new friends. With a creative imagination, careful planning and a few ideas, you have everything you need to create icebreakers for your Christian meeting.

Ten Commandments Icebreaker

  • Write the 10 Commandments on a large poster board and hang it on the wall. Have everyone sit in a circle, and tell them to read each one. Select one person to go first. That person must select the commandment that is most important to him and explain why. Give each player two to three minutes to talk. For an expanded version, go back around the circle and tell the players to state the commandment they have most often broken. If they want, they can explain what they are doing to avoid breaking that commandment again.

Line Everyone Up

  • For a funny game that will get everyone mingling, try a line-up icebreaker. Divide the players into teams of eight to 10 players each. Tell everyone you will yell out a category, and each team must organize themselves in descending order as fast as possible. Some category ideas include shoe size, hair length and birthdays. The team that gets all members into the correct order first wins the game. You can also play this as a group game and have everyone participate as one team.

Share Your Blessings

  • Have everyone sit in a circle, and explain that everyone has blessings of some kind. Select one player to go first. She must stand up and name at least three blessing in her life. In order, each person stands up, says her name and names her blessings. After everyone shares their blessings, divide the players into groups of three or four. Each group must come up with two blessings that they share. Have each group share those with everyone.

Who Am I?

  • Write names of famous people on index cards and tape a card to each player's head. Ideas for subjects include presidents, actors, singers and athletes. Have the players sit in a circle. Each player will ask the other players yes-or-no questions about the person named on his card, which he cannot see. The first player to guess his famous person wins the game. For a variation, have the players mingle and walk around the room asking questions instead of sitting in a circle. Keep playing until everyone guesses the correct person.


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