Interview Questions for a Civil Engineer Tech


Civil engineers have an important responsibility. According to the Common Interview Questions website, the companies that hire them rely on them as technical problem solvers who assist civil engineers in planning the bridges, roads, tunnels and intersections that make up cities, towns and villages. Indeed, a small mistake by an incompetent civil engineering technician can have far-reaching safety ramifications. Thus, the difficulty of interview questions for a company seeking to hire such a person should reflect the seriousness of the job.

Why Do You Want to Work as a Civil Engineer Technician?

  • An interviewer asks this question to ensure that he is appointing, or recommending for hire, only people who are passionate about working in this field. The interviewee should not apply as a civil engineer technician merely for earning potential. An acceptable answer to this question is that you have always had a fascination about the building of bridges and overpasses, and that you want to play a key role in the safe design of these structures.

What is Your Level of Success with Prior Building Projects?

  • The interviewer seeks information on prior structures you have designed. She may want to know the name of the overpasses, bridges and buildings you have designed, whether or not the structures are still standing today, and the number of citations for safety violations your completed project has received over the years. She is looking for evidence that, under your guidance, your group of engineers completed the project on time.

What is the Extent of Your Decision-Making Skills?

  • Civil engineering technicians must be good decision-makers. According to Science Buddy, your ability to make sound decisions regarding what materials to use for a given structure -- whether steel, plastic or wood -- is paramount. You must also know where to place a given structure, and be able to share with the interviewer the logic behind your answer.

What is Your Applied Math Proficiency Level?

  • As a civil engineering technician, you must not only know the higher forms of math, such as calculus, trigonometry and advanced geometry; you must also be able to apply them to structures in the designing phase. You must be able to determine the correct measurements for a structure. You must be able to take into account city codes, but also common safety rules. For instance, you must make geometrically sound decisions when it comes to the correct shape to use for a given structure. Placing a triangle where a rectangle should be on the base of a bridge, or vice versa, can have devastating consequences.

Describe Your Educational Background

  • The questioner wants to know if you have taken and passed classes in applied math, chemistry, physics and algebra. In addition, you must be able to show that you have majored in engineering at a two or four-year institution. According to Science Buddies, certification is not a requirement, but it can give you an advantage with an employer. Therefore, if you are certified, bring that documentation to the interview.

How Would You Feel Working Alone at a Construction Site After Dark?

  • According to the Common Interview Questions website, this is a question an interviewer might pose. This situation might arise during the course of your employment; as civil engineer technician, you may work some nights to survey a given site and make observations conducive to making solid night safety decisions regarding a future building, tunnel or overpass.

What is An Example of Your Willingness to Work as a Team Player?

  • A prospective employer asks this question because he wants to be able to see if you can work well with others. In this profession, you will be working with other professionals, such as civil engineers. You need to be able to share your ideas and listen to the thoughts of your fellow team members. Although yours may be the final decision, you must weigh their input on the structure the company has assigned you the responsibility of developing.

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