Salary Requirement Bids for New Jobs

Job applicants are often required to offer salary requirements, or bids, for an annual salary when applying for a new job. This is a requirement if the salary for the given job is not pre-decided, as the specific figure changes based on the applicant's knowledge and experience. Complete some salary research before you add your salary requirements on a job application as the employer may use the information as a screening tool.

  1. Average Salary

    • Complete some research to find out what the average salary is for the given job position rather than presenting a desired salary figure. Research the given industry, as the average salary for a job is affected by the industry. The geographical location also plays a role in finding an average salary; some states pay a higher salary than others in given industries or jobs. Lastly, if there is a demand for employees for the chosen job, you can increase the average salary within a reasonable amount.

    Education and Training

    • The average salary figure you found in your research can be increased if you are fully educated in the given field. If the employer has included a specific educational requirement on-the-job posting which you fulfill, you should not increase the salary requirement suggested by the employer, if applicable. Certification, freelance experience and completed courses are acceptable for increasing the salary requirements.


    • Consider any compensation, bonus payments and commission and benefit packages an employer offers with the job position. The commission or benefit packages offered by the employer may potentially increase the total salary of the job position. A high salary requirement for a sales job may not be accepted, if the position offers commission payments on every product sold.

    Employer's Use of Salary Requirements

    • A potential employer will use your required salary for a given job as a screening tool to sort through hundreds of job applicants. The employer eliminates applicants who have low salary requirements as it indicates a lack of knowledge or expertise, while a high salary requirement can be impossible based on the company's available funds. The salary requirement figure you provide is also used in salary negotiations you face before getting the final job offer.

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