Difference Between BumGenius 2.0 & 3.0


Every parent’s cloth diapering adventure begins with research. Once you decide that cloth makes sense for baby’s health, your wallet and the environment, you still must learn the particulars of fabric, type and brand to decide what suits your family. The bumGenius brand -- made by Cotton Babies -- offers two distinct diapering systems, each having undergone multiple updates over the years.

Pockets & All-in-Ones

  • Parents can choose bumGenius Pocket Diapers or bumGenius All in Ones (AIOs). Like most cloth diapering systems, both include absorbent inner material covered by a waterproof outer layer, or “shell.” Pocket diapers allow parents to change the absorbency by choosing the thickness or number of inserts stuffed inside the pocket. AIOs, on the other hand, have just one piece, like disposables, and their longer drying time may cause them to wear out faster. BumGenius AIOs come in four sizes -- extra-small, small, medium and large -- whereas the one-size pocket diapers adjust to fit newborns through toddlers.

First Upgrade: 2.0

  • Shortly after bumGenius diapers went on the market in 2005, customers reported two main concerns: The diaper easily wicked moisture onto the baby’s clothing and the hook-and-loop closures tended to lose “stickiness.” The company responded by releasing a new version of the pocket and the AIO, deemed “the 2.0 upgrade.” The new diapers featured improved hook-and-loop tabs and a shell made of PUL -- a soft fabric coated with polyurethane on one side, making it breathable and waterproof -- instead of nylon.

Second Upgrade: 3.0

  • In December 2007, bumGenius 3.0 hit the shelves, with its new line of “bright” color options -- Ribbit, Moonbeam, Zinnia and Clementine -- grabbing attention first. The contour of both types was changed somewhat and an extra strip of PUL matching the outer fabric was added to the inside of the diaper, just below the navel, to address previous moisture issues. The opening on the pocket diaper was widened for easier use, and the tabs on both diapers were updated again.

Other Options

  • With the 4.0 upgrade of July 2010, the company updated only the pocket diapers, and decided to discontinue the AIOs due to lesser popularity. (It does still offer the bumGenius Elemental, a one-size AIO organic diaper.) The 4.0 pocket diapers fit children up to 35 pounds or more, as opposed to the previous 30 pounds or more. Access points added to the elastic make repairs easier, should they become necessary. The company revamped the hook-and-loop tabs again, but the 4.0 also offers the option of snap closures. Additional 4.0 colors are Noodle, Bubble and Sweet, called “Ultra Pastels.”


  • Kat Peick; Cotton Babies Customer Service Representative; St. Louis, MO
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