Signs of a Broken Friendship


A friend is someone who is there to comfort you, bring joy to your life and offer you a satisfying relationship. Sometimes an act of betrayal can cause a broken friendship; in other cases, it's a simple case of two people drifting apart or losing interest in the same things. Identify the signs of a broken friendship and understand that it may just be a natural change in life. In some cases it may be permanent--but then again, something can always bring the relationship together again, somewhere down the road.

An Act of Betrayal

  • If a friend has betrayed you, it may be hard for you to look at the relationship the same as you did before. A friend is someone you should be able to trust; it's likely you will put a wall up and act differently around this person, now that you feel disrespected and betrayed. This may cause a broken friendship and it may be best for you to take a break from the relationship. Whether or not the break is permanent depends on what lies in the future.

Loss of Common Interests

  • A broken friendship can also be caused by the simple fact that the relationship is drifting apart due to a loss of common interests. A friendship may initially occur due to crossing paths and finding commonalities that bring you together. However, people change and take different paths throughout life, and sometimes those paths are too diverse to continue on with a relationship.

Finding Closure

  • When noticing signs of a broken friendship, it's helpful to talk about it with your companion and help bring peace to the relationship, ending it on a good note. Let the person know how you are feeling and what may have caused the friendship to end. This will help you to find closure and move on.

Growing From the Experience

  • Rather than focusing on the loss, try to think of all you have gained from the friendship. Even if it ended due to betrayal, remember that you have learned something from the experience. When a person chooses to focus on the positives, she can grow and become wiser from all she has been through.

Starting Over

  • If, down the road, you want to rekindle a broken friendship, simply call the person on the phone and ask her out for coffee. Take it one step at a time and see where it goes. Don't have overly high expectations; what's meant to be will be.


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