Can You Plant Cucumbers Next to Peppers?


Cucumbers and pepper plants are not recommended allies on companion gardening lists. This may be because they share pests and diseases that can spread between each other and throughout the garden. According to Cass County (North Dakota) Extension, cucumbers perform better next to beans and cabbage. Bell peppers grow well with tomatoes and carrots, and hot peppers keep cucumbers safe. Keep these potential challenges in mind when cucumbers are next to bell peppers.


  • Aphids are insects that accumulate under leaves and literally suck the life out of plants. Cucumbers and bell pepper plants attract aphids, which can be controlled in early stages with insecticidal soap and water. When aphids are out of control, the plants will be too weak and diseased to produce edible vegetables. Aphids compound other plant illnesses.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus

  • Aphids carry cucumber mosaic virus that spreads to peppers and cucumbers. Plant growth is stunted and produce halted as the leaves yellow and curl. Once this virus infects plants, there is no cure. Plants infected with cucumber mosaic will need to be removed from the garden.

Powdery Mildew

  • Bell peppers and cucumbers share the problem of powdery mildew. A white, patchy growth covers the under sides of the leaves. Infected leaves drop off, exposing fruit to the sun. The hottest part of the summer is when powdery mildew spreads the fastest, damaging any produce waiting for harvest.

Cucumbers Choke Peppers

  • Cucumbers and peppers are close in maturation time but not in growth speed. Cucumbers vine and grow earlier than peppers. Allow the peppers to get a head start or the smaller peppers may be choked out by the cucumber vines. Start peppers indoors or buy starts. Plant cucumbers from seed around a trellis or tomato cage to let the peppers establish before the cucumbers take over.

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