Fake Homemade Medieval Armor & Weapons


The term medieval often calls to mind tales of brave knights facing off against fearsome enemies and saving the day. These exciting images spark the imaginations of children of all ages. To encourage this creativity, use common household items -- such as cardboard, wooden dowels and duct tape -- to create fake armor and weaponry suitable for Halloween costumes or daily playtime.


  • Cut a large plastic ball or round container in half, making sure the diameter of the sphere matches the width of the wearer's head and the length does not extend below the eyes. For a spherical container, cut the bottom out to create an opening for the head, making sure the length of the container extends down to cover the entire head. Cut a portion of one side out to create a visor. Cover either container in tinfoil or silver spray paint.


  • Cut a large shield shape out of a thick piece of cardboard. Trace and cut the same shape out onto a piece of white or metallic poster-board. Paint the poster with realistic colors in a realistic design, such as a crusader's cross. Glue or tape the poster to the front of the cardboard. On the back of the cardboard, attach a separate strip of cardboard for a handle.

Body Armor

  • Measure the height of the wearer from the shoulder down to the waist or mid-thigh. Cut out two sides of a cardboard box to match this length. Match the width of both pieces to the width of the wearer, as well. One piece forms the back, while the other forms the front. Decorate with tinfoil or silver paint, and paint a coat of arms on the front piece. Tie the two pieces together with straps over the shoulder.


  • Tightly ball up a few sheets of newspaper, securing the ball in place with tape. Wrap thick string around the ball several times, knotting it after each wrap around. Attach another string, around 18-inches long, to the string wrapped around the ball. Tie the other end of the 18-inch string to a 15-inch broomstick. Cover the newspaper ball in masking tape, then paint the tape silver. Attach silver paper cones to the ball to create the mace ball.

Cardboard, Foam and PVC Swords

  • Make an easy sword out of cardboard. Trace and cut two identical copies of a basic sword shape out on thick cardboard. Tape a wooden dowel to the back of one copy for strength, then tape the two copies together. Wrap tinfoil around the blade of the sword and masking tape around the handle. Paint additional decorations as desired.

    For a more advanced sword, use closed cell foam pipe insulation. Build up layers of foam around thin PVC pipe or a wooden dowel, taking special care to thoroughly pad the pipe. Snugly secure the foam in place using duct tape. Use a final layer of silver duct tape or a cloth cover for the blade. Cover the handle in a material that provides good grip.


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