Cute Email Address Ideas for Teachers


While you can certainly use your full name for your school email address, you might want to come up with something cute to distinguish yourself from the other teachers who work at your school. Additionally, if there are two or more people with the same first or last name, coming up with a cute alternative will help students, parents and co-workers remember which one of you they are actually emailing.


  • Some teachers abbreviate their last name so that it is easier for kids to say or people to remember. For example, if someone has a long, five-syllable last name that starts with a "T," he might just shorten it to "Mr. T" for the benefit of the students. You can then use that as your email address as well. It would be "mrt" followed by the school email address suffix.


  • If you are particularly passionate about the subject you teach, then you might use that in your email address. For example, if you teach science and you are absolutely "Mad" about it, then you might use something like "madscientist," followed by the school email address suffix. If you are a math teacher, it might be something such as "alwayssolvingproblems" followed by the rest of the school's email suffix.


  • Some teachers have nicknames that are given to them by students they are not particularly fond of. However, some teachers love the nicknames that have stuck over the years. If you happen to like your nickname and it is appropriate for the students, parents and other faculty to use, then use your nickname for the front of your email address.

Class Compliment

  • Some teachers might have separate email addresses for different classes they are teaching. You can use the multiple emails to your advantage by paying the class a compliment in the front half of your email address. Simply combine the name of the class with a compliment. For example, if you are teach music theory, then use something like "mymusictheoryclassrocks," followed by the school email suffix. Or if you are an art history teacher, you might use "bestarthistorystudents," followed by the suffix of your school email.

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