The Advantages of Getting a Receptionist to Work in a Team

Your receptionist can help your team shine.
Your receptionist can help your team shine. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Lots of businesses would not survive without their receptionist. The receptionist is an integral part of your team, so it's important for all members of your business to understand the receptionist's job and responsibilities, but also for the receptionist to feel included as part of the inner workings of your office or company.

Boost Business

The receptionist is often the face of your business; she answers the phones and she's the person clients see first when they come into your office. Making a receptionist part of your team - valuing her, including her in on important meeting and giving her a heads up on changes - will help your receptionist know how to act according to the goals and standards of your business. She will also feel appreciated, work harder and more efficiently and convey a positive demeanor to your customers.

Streamline Business

A receptionist who isn't kept in the loop will not be able to provide customers the level of service that is required. If he can't answer a question that a customer expects him to know, it will disrupt the company-client relationship, and will reflect badly on your organization. A disgruntled receptionist might become disorganized, provide incorrect information, or make otherwise critical errors that will influence the activities of your company. A receptionist working in a team will know what you need to know, and will keep business working smoothly.

Business Improvement

Because she's been managing appointments, client information, financial details, and other important information for your company, your receptionist might have suggestions for improvement. Since a receptionist also interacts with clients on a regular basis, she most likely has developed a highly acute ability to read customers and moods, and will know how changes to your business will affect - or has affected - clients. She will stay on top of relevant information, enabling the entire operation to do likewise.

Above And Beyond

Not only will an informed, educated receptionist be able to handle additional responsibilities, she will do so willingly. A well trained receptionist, one who has been cross-trained to handle a variety of tasks, can be of more value than the receptionist who have has not been taught to go above and beyond her basic responsibilities.

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