Halloween Costumes That Involve a Beard


Sporting a thick, handsome man-mane and stuck for costume ideas? Or do you want to cover your face with hairy locks for Halloween? There are many different costumes that use or need a beard, and most of them are pretty easy to throw together.

Magical Costumes


Perhaps the most obvious of all bearded costumes, a wizard will require a relatively prominent beard. The longer it is, the better it will suit the costume. Long, dark robes and a pointy hat, along with an esoteric book, staff or magic wand can complete the look.


The classic garden gnome look includes a large belt buckle, leather boots and a red pointy hat. Various accessories can go with this, like a fishing line, gardening tools or flowers. A white, medium length and shaggy beard should be accompanied by thick sideburns and a mustache.


There are many different kinds of fictional dwarfs. A Lord of the Rings dwarf is going to look completely different from a Snow White dwarf, so make sure you do your research. A generic fantasy dwarf is going to be wearing rough leather clothes and a helmet. He may have a long, braided beard and carry a weapon or mining tools.

Greek God

The older Greek gods, such as Zeus or Poseidon, are usually depicted with long, thick beards. A Greek god costume requires a tunic or toga, sandals, a golden crown and belt or similar accessories, and a signature prop, such as a trident for Poseidon or a lightening bolt for Zeus.

Manly Costumes


The so-called traditional Viking helmet, with curving twin horns, was never actually worn by real Vikings, but it makes for a fun costume. Vikings are usually depicted in fur boots, rough tunics and arm guards, occasionally sporting very impressive -- if not practical -- capes. With a flowing beard and battle-axe, you will strike fear into the hearts of your friends and foes.


This costume doesn't require a beard, but the facial hair certainly helps. It must have been the rare pirate that bothered to shave while sailing and plundering. Pirate costumes can be very elaborate, but they don't need to be. Tall boots, an eye patch, a loose shirt and pants and a cummerbund, topped with a pirate's hat, are all you need.


A lumberjack costume is very simple. A red-checked shirt, jeans with suspenders, a plain, dark beanie and hiking boots are all you need, along with your beard and a large fake axe. You may also have to run around all night yelling “Timber!”.


No, not every girl secretly wants a caveman, but that doesn't mean you can't rock this costume. Obviously it won't suit a neatly trimmed beard, but a long and ragged one will add authenticity to the look. Wear faux furs or fabric with animal-skin prints, and carry a faux wood or stone club, roughly the shape of a baseball bat.

Fun Costumes

Bearded Lady

A classic among the carnivals of yesterday, this is a perfect costume for ladies who want to wear a beard, or gents who want to wear a dress. The idea is to play up traditionally feminine clothing against the beard, so wearing jewelry, bright colors and a fancy dress is ideal. If you want to highlight the circus aspect, wear striped cloth, sequins and perhaps a mini top-hat fascinator to add to your mystique.

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf was the only smurf who got to wear a red hat, and it went perfectly with his blue skin and thick, white beard. A blue shirt and red pants and shoes complete the look. This costume can be a great idea when used with a group of others who are also willing to paint themselves blue.

Santa Claus

The classic bearded costume, Santa might seem like an easy choice, but his fur-trimmed red suit is fairly specific. If you aren't sure you can make or buy a Santa suit, dress up as Santa on summer vacation or Santa in Hawaii. You will only need a pair of red shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, along with a long, white beard and a red felt Santa hat. Play the part well, and everyone will recognize you immediately.

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