Multi-Genre Project Topic Ideas


Coming up with the right project idea can itself be a project. It is important to have a limited scope while maintaining a balance of elements from different subject areas. This allows for more time to present the topic in depth. Most of all it is essential, especially with multi-genre projects, to incorporate the basic components of each area involved and elaborate upon them as necessary.

Psychology and Neuroscience

  • The scientific field offers a breadth of topic ideas for investigation and project reports. The psychological impact of human life and daily activities correlated to neuroscience and the study of the brain have long intrigued scientists. Subjects for study involving these disciplines could be evaluating the histories of each and how they began to cross over, the future of neuro-psychology or the metamorphosis of human interest in the mind.

Philosophy and the Entertainment Industry

  • Every so often a highly thought-provoking film comes along, questioning your very existence and reality. From "The Matrix" to "Inception," these kinds of movies have been celebrated and talked about for months, if not years, on end. Studying the unique philosophies behind each or the driving concepts that are both imaginative and grounded in some form of theory can lead to a multi-genre project or paper. An example of philosophy is centered around the character of Neo in "The Matrix." His attempts to save humanity trapped in the matrix represent a Buddhist or even Christian theme. Meanwhile, the movie "Inception" addresses a question that the philosopher Descartes pondered many times: Knowing whether or not a dream-state is occurring and the philosophy behind human identity.

Media and Youth

  • There is always a new spin that can be put on existing research and material. You can conduct your own research on a question that may not have been answered about the human condition where there are a great deal of external implications and factors. With online tools, such as Survey Monkey or even Facebook, there are a host of possibilities for asking or answering any query. Finding out what kinds of TV shows young people watch or which celebrities they most identify with can draw tthe connection between what the media portray to young people and their actual lives. The goal should be to gather as much data as possible about the way modern technology and media in general affects youth. If you feel this is too broad of a topic, select one form of media, such as the Internet, or one genre, such as movies. Each of these poses a different thesis to a project that will involve media in some respect while showing the affects on youth. This unique comparison can use research on media in schools and psychological effects through voluntary studies of students.

Art and Science

  • These two seemingly opposing subject areas definitely have crossovers in certain areas. Finding these nuances is a diversified project that requires examining multiple areas of science. Ultimately, the results will help to create a one-of-a-kind report that encompasses the statistical and conceptual aspects of science while highlighting the way art plays a role. You can start with the symmetry of human anatomy found in biology or the artistic form of some of the rarest animals found through archeological research. The possibilities are endless within the realm of chemistry; you can study chemical molecules that are perfect not only in their ring structures but mathematically. Explaining the aesthetics of mathematics could be a project in itself.


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