Things to Do to Feel Less Fatigue

Life can be so exhausting, from feeling overworked on the job and dealing with family obligations to handling overwhelming social pressures and beyond. If you are constantly feeling intense fatigue to the point that it is taking control of your life, you need to take the appropriate steps necessary to reclaim both your mind and your body.

  1. Diet

    • Your diet can impact your energy levels. Simple adjustments to a diet can do wonders when it comes to battling fatigue. To eliminate fatigue, consume a healthy and well-balanced diet that is full of lean meats, dairy products that are low in fat, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from foods with high levels of sugar, fat and salt. Eat lean red meats to avoid iron deficiencies, as well (this is particularly important for women). Other foods that are rich in iron include apricots, spinach, liver and raisins. Practice proper eating patterns, including always eating breakfast in the morning and not eating overly large meals (which can zap your energy levels). Drink caffeine in moderation, as too much can lead to decreased performance and higher irritability. Also remember to drink a lot of water.


    • Working out on a regular basis can also boost your energy levels and eliminate fatigue from your life. Participate in consistent cardiovascular exercise sessions three or four times weekly to get rid of fatigue and raise your alertness levels. At the gym, engage in moderate exercise sessions on the elliptical trainer, treadmill or stationery bicycle. If you are not a member of a gym, consider jogging around your local park instead.


    • Unsurprisingly, healthy sleeping patterns can make a world of difference in the fight against fatigue. The first step involves getting sufficient nightly sleep, with eight hours being optimal, if you can get it. To get sleep, however, it is important to be able to train your brain to relax. One of the biggest culprits behind nighttime sleeplessness is obsessing over problems in your life as you try to fall asleep. Look for ways to relax your mind and body before you go to sleep, including breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, a warm bath or simply curling up with a good book in bed.


    • Stress is a common cause of fatigue. To combat fatigue, it can help to manage stress in your life, as well as your emotional responses to it. When people suffer from excess fatigue, it often is due to how sensitive they are to life stresses. Negative emotions that arise due to stress levels take up a lot of energy in your brain, triggering fatigue. To calm both your mind and to replenish your energy in these situations, it can be beneficial to try relaxation techniques, including the aforementioned yoga and meditation, as well as self-hypnosis, aromatherapy, massage and tai chi.


    • When people are stressed out by their lives, they can very easily lose the ability to have fun and enjoy themselves. Take some time out in your life to simply enjoy yourself, whether it's laughing at a gathering with your closest friends or enjoying a day at the beach with your family. Laughter is relaxing and can also quickly boost your energy levels.

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