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Superheroes in comic books, television and movies possess super human abilities that they usually use for the betterment of mankind. While some heroes have one ability or power, others possess multiple powers that can be used together or various combinations. When creating a superhero, it is important to understand what the character is about and what it stands for first before deciding what power it will possess. The following are just a few ideas for superhero powers.

Cold Resistance

  • Heroes with the power of cold resistance have the ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures. This allows them travel, fight and survive in cold climates and perhaps even space, which may be advantageous when fighting enemies. This ability could also be strategic when it comes to establishing a remote home base, as few people would be able to approach the base without some difficulty. A hero impervious to cold could be a valuable member of a team of superheros since they could fight in conditions other team members could not.

Power Absorption

  • A hero with the ability to absorb power usually entails a hero absorbing the powers and abilities of others and then using these powers as their own, sometimes only on a temporary basis. Sometimes the hero can deplete another hero's powers through absorption, while in other instances a hero can simply imitate others' powers. While this can be a powerful and versatile ability, much like a queen's multiple attacks in chess, this power is only as valuable as the hero's control of others abilities.


  • A common power among superheroes, the ability to fly, enables the hero the mobility to go anywhere anytime. This is a powerful asset to have at your hero's disposal as they can then cover much more ground without having to rely on external sources of flight, such as planes or helicopters. It is imperative to determine how high a hero can fly without the use of special clothing for heat retention or a breathing apparatus to use in the thinning air.


  • Teleportation is the ability to "jump" from one place to another instantaneously. The hero essentially disappears from one location and reappears in another. This ability could be used in surprise attacks on enemies and would aid in the hero's ability to be elusive during combat attacks. Set parameters on how far a hero could teleport and how long it would take to get from one place to the other. It also would be good to note what kinds of dangers could jeopardize the superhero's ability to teleport.

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