Objectives of McDonald's


Most people can find a McDonald's in any metropolitan city anywhere in the world. McDonald's global success can be attributed to company objectives. When consumers are aware of McDonald's objectives, they better understood the value of such a large, global franchise in helping people find employment and in offering a cheap, sustainable product to their consumers.


  • McDonald's is a large corporation, and, therefore, must remain profitable to stay in business. To remain profitable, McDonald's offers quality products at a price that meets its consumers' demands. Ironically, McDonald's has remained profitable, even during global recessions, by offering a cheap alternative to sit-down meals.

Quality Service

  • McDonald's aims to offer quick, efficient products at a reasonable price. McDonald's strives to expand and increase awareness of nutritious menu items. For example, McDonald's has expanded food and beverages containing fruit and vegetables across the menu, and has increased awareness of fruit, vegetable and dairy options available for children on the menu. Their fast, convenient meals won't result in an unsatisfactory product.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer loyalty is an important objective of McDonald's. Without customer loyalty, there would be a decrease in customers meaning less positive word of mouth from customers to friends and family members. Customer satisfaction involves marketing, as McDonald's identifies the needs and requirements of its consumers in a better way than its competitors. Many consumers choose McDonald's because of its friendly, inviting atmosphere. Restaurants offer comfortable seating, televisions and playgrounds for children. Convenience is also important, as customers want their food produced in a fast, efficient manner.

Reputable Image

  • McDonald's opened its first restaurant in 1954. As of 2011, McDonald's operates more than 32,000 restaurants serving more than 60 million people in more than 100 countries every day. McDonald's strives for uniformity. If you are in Paris, you can find many similar products on the menu as you would in New York City. McDonald's seeks to continually improve its image as a pathway to a career, rather than a provider of "minimum-wage, dead-end, burger flipping jobs."

Community Outreach

  • McDonald's strives to increase its financial and volunteer support to Ronald McDonald House Charities through communication outreach. It is involved in many schools, community organizations and nonprofit organizations that benefit citizen in communities all over the world.

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