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The colors used to decorate a business, such as a salon, not only affect the way that business is perceived by customers. They may also affect how well the lighting flatters your customers and thus influence their moods -- and willingness to spend money. Whether you are opening a new salon or revamping an established salon, pick colors that match the name of the salon and the image and "feel" you wish the salon to have.

Neutral colors like beige are a plain but welcoming choice for a family salon.
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Decorate the salon in white with accents of orange and stone gray if you wish to create a restful, spa-like environment. For example, paint the walls white and furnish the waiting area with comfortable gray couches scattered with zesty orange-colored throw pillows. Painting molding and trim gray will reinforce a relaxed, Zen atmosphere, while painting molding and trim orange will add a jolt of color and playfulness to the environment.

White decor gives a subtle impression of sterility and cleanliness.
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Paint the salon walls blue and splash the space with bold red accents if you want to pay decorative homage to the film "The Life Aquatic," if the salon has a sea-related name like Ocean Hair or Earth and Sea Salon, or if the salon is located near the ocean. Shades of blue you could use in the salon range from pale robin's-egg blue to dark navy blue.

Blue tile is an easy-clean choice for sink areas.
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Electrify the energy levels of people who enter the salon with yellow decor accented with crisp, clean white. Predominantly yellow decor will stand out through the main window of the salon -- snagging the eyes of pedestrians -- and create a feeling of joy and warmth like sunshine. Such a color would be particularly appropriate for a salon located in an area with long, dreary winters. Crisp white borders and white furniture will balance the exuberance of the yellow walls.

A lively color like yellow or lime green can help a small or dark space feel larger.
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Conjure the cozy ambiance of a neighborhood cafe by decorating your salon in coffee colors, such as the deep brown-black of a roasted coffee bean, the lively green of a raw coffee bean, the creamy light brown of a latte, and the rich white of fresh cream. Balance the cafe-influenced decor with chic modern furniture and framed vintage beauty ads on the walls to make sure passerby can tell the salon isn't selling frappuccinos.

Wood floors complement brown walls and furniture.
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