What Can Be Used to Hang a Guitar on the Wall?


Guitar wall hangers can provide not only a child-friendly, safe place to store an instrument, but also display the guitar or provide for easy, quick access when the moment strikes. Initially developed for use in music stores to maximize their wall space and show more instruments in a small space, guitar wall hangers range from simple hook-style devices, to well-developed and complex wall fixture hardware. There are many types, styles and price points for guitar hangers.

DIY Wall Hangers

  • Many musicians have built their own guitar wall hangers from simple and inexpensive materials. At its core, a guitar wall hanger must be able to safely support three times the weight of a guitar and extend out from the wall to provide clearance for the guitar's body as it hangs from its headstock. A simple rubberized steel hook, like those used to hang bicycles, can do the trick and are available at any hardware store. By mounting these hooks on a small block of wood, the hanger can be attached to a wall stud and provide a cheap and easily made guitar wall mount.

Quik Lok Products

  • A leading manufacturer of instrument and microphone stands, Quik Lok has developed some of the most advanced guitar wall hanging systems available. Though they offer a traditional rubberized hook style hanger (the GS-403), Quik Lok has become known for their fully supported horizontal wall mounting hardware, such as the GS-410 and GS-413. These more modern hangers support the instrument's full body weight on one set of rubberized steel hooks, while a second hook holds the headstock in a horizontal fashion. This is not only safer for the guitar and its headstock, but also looks dramatically different than a vertically hanging instrument.

Hercules Stands

  • Making a name for themselves by developing active locking technology for their guitar wall hanging products, Hercules Stands have become a favorite among professional guitar players. Hercules have developed active locking hangers, which utilize the guitar's weight to press on two lever, which lower locking arms down and around the guitar's headstock. This prevents the guitar from being knocked out of the hanging hook. These locking arms are automatically released when the guitar's weight is picked up from the hanger, requiring no additional steps to interfere with easy access to the instrument. The standard GSP38WB hanger is most common, and can be adjusted for a variety of guitar shapes and sizes.

String Swing Displays

  • One of the simplest and most cost effective manufacturers of guitar wall hangers is String Swing Displays, which offer their hearty products in a variety of shapes and sizes to match each instrument. Their CC01K hanger features the classic wood block and rubberized steel hook hanger recipe at a low price, making multi-instrument displays safe and affordable. String Swing also builds upside-down guitar holders, slat-board holders (for music store displays) and specialized hangers for odd guitar shapes such as the Parker Fly.

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