Customizable Life Coach Tools

A life coach helps people from all walks of life find happiness and meaning in their professional and personal lives. The coach offers workshops, seminars and one-on-one counseling sessions to individuals, groups and organizations. Life coaches can customize programs to help their clients.

  1. Personal Vision Poster

    • Depending on the interests and personality of your client, you can easily customize personal vision exercises. For the artistic type, ask him to represent his personal vision using craft materials such as markers, magazine clippings, stickers, glitter and paint. For the rational type, help her elaborate on her life vision by using a graphic organizer with defined categories such as family, career, finances and dreams. For someone in between, suggest to your client that he create his personal vision in the form of an individualized roadmap, which will allow him to be artistic in the representation of his chosen path and be rational by clearly defining the timing and order of upcoming projects.

    Wheel of Life

    • A similar tool used by many life coaches is the "wheel of life." Clients are asked to divide a large circle into eight sections and identify each one with a category such as home, work, money, health, hobbies, learning, relationships, family and friends. In each section of the circle, the person indicates her level of satisfaction for the given category. Change the categories and the questions of this visual aid. For example, instead of asking for the level of satisfaction, a life coach could ask the client to indicate his level of commitment to each area. Consult to see examples of the wheel of life in practice.

    Mind Focus Tools

    • For your client who is looking to find focus and establish a clear life vision, start by asking her to answer the questions from David Bonham Carter's action checklist. The answers will help you determine her level of commitment and help you choose the most appropriate mind tool to use. Mind focus tools include meditation exercises, time management tracking tools, mind-maps and to-do lists. Each one of these tools is customizable to your client's needs. They can also be used outside a coaching session, possibly as homework or as a challenge for your client to complete between sessions.

    DIY Online Tools

    • While most of your clients are consulting you for your support and expertise, some may be more comfortable with a self-help approach to life coaching. Many online tools fit this purpose. "Amazing Coaching DIY Manual," written by life coach Lisa Philips, allows individuals to follow action steps and use tips to be their own life coach. For women, Karen Oates offers a 15-minutes-a-day DIY approach. Through the use of a diary, a workbook and daily exercises, her program helps improve self-esteem and develop personal growth.

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