How Does the Mac Compare to a PC?


Computer enthusiasts have debated for years over which computer is better: a Mac or a PC. Mac ran a long campaign starring Justin Long, highlighting the benefits of using a Mac over a PC, which added fuel to the debate. Like any debate, personal opinion will be the ultimate decider. However, knowing some facts about each never hurts.


  • Both the Mac and the PC have the same inner workings, including RAM memory, a motherboard, processor, hard drive and graphics card. Due to this, you can do practically the same thing on either a Mac or a PC. You can watch videos, edit films, upload photos, construct documents, play video games, and more. Both the Mac and the PC have the ability to connect to the Internet as well. Although it is referred to as a Mac computer, the Mac is actually a PC (personal computer). While Macs are exclusive to Apple, PCs are sold by various companies including Gateway, Sony, Dell and IBM.

Operating System

  • Mac computers can support both the Windows and Linux operating system, although the OS X is the default operating system. A PC can also support Windows and Linux, but cannot support OS X. Generally, if you're working on a PC you're using a Windows operating system. While both operating systems allow you to do similar things, they contain specific and unique applications. Think of it like trying to play a Play Station 3 video game on an Xbox 360. Both consoles may offer the same game title, but the formatting of the game disc only allows it to be played on one or the other.


  • Mac computers allow you to increase hard drive capacity and upgrade RAM memory, but offer few other hardware customization upgrades outside of that. A PC, on the other hand, can be constructed to your liking. For example, if you love to play video games, you can customize a gaming PC. A PC offers more video game titles than a Mac, with many companies making games exclusively for the PC. If you want to use your PC for multimedia purposes, you can construct it as such. PCs can be upgraded or customized during the purchase, or after.


  • On average, a Mac will cost you more than a PC. This is because numerous companies offer PCs while Mac is exclusive to Apple. The more companies offering the same product, the lower the cost. Although Macs are susceptible to viruses, PCs are notorious for them. In general, Windows is hacked more often than OS X. However, you can install anti-virus software for a PC to limit or prevent viruses. Macs are advertised as being easier to use than a PC. For example, Macs contain a tool bar -- also known as a dock -- located at the bottom of the screen. From this toolbar, you can easily access the applications you need.

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