What Is Silk Milk?


Silk is a brand of soy milk. You may have a variety of reasons for being interested in drinking soy milk. Soy milk is popular among vegans, people with dairy allergies and anyone who simply enjoys being healthy. Like most types of soy milk, Silk can be a little more expensive than dairy milk, but if your body is having trouble tolerating regular milk, the few extra cents can be well worth it.

Health Reasons

  • If you enjoy putting milk on your cereal or in your coffee, but have recently been diagnosed as lactose-intolerant, Silk can be the key to getting back the flavor you crave. Silk tastes much like the milk that you are used to, but is completely lactose-free. You can start enjoying the taste of milk again without the fear of stomach pains or multiple trips to the bathroom. If you suffer from a dairy allergy, Silk can also be an option for you. If you are unsure of the nature of your food allergies, talk to your doctor about drinking Silk.

What's In It?

  • Since there is no dairy and no lactose in Silk you are probably wondering what you will be consuming if you decide to purchase Silk milk. Silk is composed mainly of organic soy beans, water, flax oil and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Mixed together just right, these ingredients create a liquid that tastes much like standard dairy milk. Even if you do not have dairy issues, if your body lacks vitamin B, Silk can help you to make positive changes to your diet.

Flavors and Varieties

  • If you decide that Silk is for you, you can try some of the different varieties and flavors the brand has to offer so you do not get bored drinking the same soy beverage all the time. Standard Silk milk comes in regular, chocolate and vanilla. The company has also introduced light flavors with less calories if you are trying to watch your weight. Almond and coconut flavors of Silk are also now on the market. These flavors contain additional vitamins.

Get Creative

  • You can do more with Silk than just drink it alone. You can use Silk milk in recipes the same way you would dairy milk. Silk milk smoothies can be made easily by combing your favorite Silk flavor with frozen fruit in a blender. Make Silk milk pudding to serve as dessert at your next gathering. Combine Silk with sugar, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla and margarine. Your guests may never know the pudding is not made from typical milk.

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