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While a child may enjoy playing with Barbie dolls, you likely don't enjoy cleaning up the mess that's so easy for a child to make when she spreads out all of her dolls, doll clothes and accessories. Storing Barbie dolls properly not only makes cleaning up less of a headache, but it also means you're less likely to lose dolls or doll accessories. Properly cared for Barbies will last longer as well.

Store Items by Type

  • The most efficient method of Barbie storage, according to Best Child Toys, is to organize everything first. When you're storing Barbies and Barbie accessories, have one section for the dolls and however many other sections you'd like. For example, you can devote a bin to all Barbie clothing or you can break it down to Barbie dresses, Barbie pants and Barbie shoes. Whatever option you choose, clearly label the areas and show the child where you're storing everything. Ask her to remember to put everything back when she's done playing.

Shoes Boxes and Containers

  • The most basic method of Barbie storage is a collection of shoe boxes and/or plastic containers. These boxes easily stack atop one another and you can slide them under beds, in closets or in a cabinet -- wherever you have the excess room.

Get a Dresser

  • If you can find a dresser at an affordable price, you could devote an entire dresser drawer system to storing Barbies. The top drawer could house dolls, for example, while the next drawer houses clothing and the next vehicles. So the small items don't roll around large drawers, you may want to line the drawers with drawer organizers or slide shoe boxes in them. Drawer organizers intended for jewelry work well for small Barbie items like shoes.

Use a Shoe Organizer

  • If you have limited storage space, devote space behind a door to Barbie storage. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer. The pockets are just the right size for long, thin items like Barbie dolls and easy access makes it simple for kids to grab the dolls when wanted and slide them back into the pockets when they're finished.

Fabric Bags

  • Don't throw away old clothing. Cut out enough of the fabric to make a drawstring bag or just tie the sack with a piece of string. Barbie clothes, shoes and small accessories like the doll's plastic sports equipment can fill the bags. When a girl wants to play with all of the shoes, then, for example, she can grab the cloth bag and go.


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