Five Reasons Couples Stay Happy


Most people want to find someone they can love and be happy with forever. However, couples split up and get divorced every day. This reality does not take away people's hope for love, and many search for the secret of how couples can stay together for the long haul. Five reasons couples stay happy demonstrate the kind of marriage that truly is for better or worse.

Shared Beliefs

  • Couples who share the same core beliefs have an easier time being happy together because they do not have as many opportunities for conflict. Shared beliefs make several things easier, such as raising children and having important discussions. If a couple has shared beliefs, they also are more likely to want to do similar things on a consistent basis, such as attend church or volunteer. A couple with a similar vision is brought together by more than love but by passions for the same things.

Problem-Management Skills

  • People who have good problem-management skills can make a better couple. Conflicts are inevitable and people get angry or upset for several different reasons. However, having problem management skills can be the difference between exploding in anger or stepping aside for a moment to breathe. People who know how to deal with obstacles that they are bound to encounter in this life make for better partners and have a happier relationship.

Constant Communication

  • A couple who communicates is happier because the people in the relationship share love, joy, sorrow and confusion with one another. Nothing is left to question; they are not afraid to tell each other how they feel about any important issue. Because of this, they do not have anger or hurt that they are keeping inside their hearts toward one another. Their communication opens up the doors for more appreciation, more honesty and a deeper relationship.

Time Apart

  • Ironically, spending time apart is one of the best things a couple can do for their relationship. People who have their own agendas and interests have much more to bring to a relationship than people whose only interest is each other. Spending time apart also causes people to appreciate their partner more because of the fact that they are not always together. Because of this, the time that they are together is much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Have Fun Together

  • Throughout a long-term relationship, the couples that are the happiest are the ones who know how to have fun together. Life can be mundane and obstacles can occur that cause a couple to become stressed, weighed down or even isolated. There is value in deliberately getting out there and having fun together, whether it be in a group setting or just with each other. Dates involving physical activity, such as disc golf, are especially beneficial.


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