Humorous Change Jar Ideas

A little change from each customer can really add up and boost employee morale.
A little change from each customer can really add up and boost employee morale. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

If you own and operate a service-based business such as a fast-casual restaurant or coffee shop, setting out a change jar will encourage people to place coins into the jar. This money can then be divided among the staff at the end of the day to give them a small bonus. Creating a change jar that spurs people to have a bit of a chuckle might make them more apt to reach into their pocket to leave a tip.

World's Smallest Wishing Well

Set out a small glass filled with water. Place a sign in front of the glass labeling it the "World's Smallest Wishing Well." People might get a kick out of the notion and drop a few coins inside. Empty out the glass at the end of each evening to prevent the water from corroding the coins. Unchanged water can also grow bacteria and algae.

The Joke Jar

There are two versions of this idea -- one low-tech, the other not so much. Set out a change jar with a sign that reads "Leave change, get free joke." For the low-tech version, make sure your staff always has a few jokes ready to share. These should be clean, good-natured and appropriate for a wide audience. When someone places change in the jar, a member of your staff tells a joke. The high-tech version requires that a small computer or tablet device be placed next to the jar. Download jokes, or leave the computer with a joke bank up on the screen. When the customer leaves his change, he clicks on the joke he would like to hear.

Movie Quotes

Famous movie quotes can be quite apropos and comedic on the side of a change jar. For example, you can create a sign on the side of the jar that reads "Give me your money, Lebowski," from the film "The Big Lebowski," or "Go ahead, make my day," from "Sudden Impact. Other ideas include "Greed is good," or "Show me the money!" Those quote are from the movies "Wall Street" and "Jerry Maguire." Think of some of your favorite movie quotes and place them on the jar.

The Fund Jar

Some people find humor in different amusing "fund" jars. Ideas include "Really Big Boat Fund," the "So I Don't Have to Give a Damn Fund" or the "So I Can Quit Fund." Other fund jars that people find humorous include a "Tropical Island Fund," "Cruise Fund," or "Vegas Fund." Use your imagination and common whimsical desires as a guide.

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