Highest Altitudes in Illinois

Illinois, with its most famous city, Chicago, is one of the top five populated American states. Situated toward the north part of the continent, it boasts a large variety of tourist attractions, including its numerous mounds that beckon climbers. The highest one is Charles Mound at 1,235 feet above sea level, closely followed by Benton, Sumner and Hudson mounds.

  1. Charles Mound

    • Charles Mound stands at 1,235 feet above sea level, and it is described as being a "gentle hill located on rolling farmland." It is privately owned and is only open to visitors on certain weekends of the year -- the first weekends of June, July, August and September. This is due to a number of problems experienced by the owners, and these weekends have presumably been chosen so that the Mound is seen at its best -- in sunshine and beauty.

    Benton Mound

    • Benton Mound stands 1,204 feet above seal level and is the second-highest peak in Illinois. It is near the village of Stockton. The nearest mounds to it are Simmons Mound, Mound Sumner and Squirrel Grove Mound. Benton Mound has hiking and climbing available after the receipt of specific permission. Stockton is a pretty, historic village that boasts a number of attractions.

    Mound Sumner

    • Mound Sumner is in Jo Daviess County and is 1,171 feet above sea level, making it the third-highest in Illinois. The peak boasts nearby trails, most notably the Charles Mound trail, which is a hiking "out-and-back" trail that runs for a little more than 4 km, and Pearl of Pecatonica Cruise, which is a loop bike riding trail that runs about 80.5 km. The nearest city, Apple River, is 2 miles away and has a population of about 470.

    Hudson Mound

    • Hudson Mound is 1,161 feet above sea level, and its nearest city is Apple River. It shares the same tourist trails as nearby Mound Sumner. Hudson Mound and nearby Mound Sumner are its main tourist draws, along with a number of churches, parks and trails.

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