The Average Hourly Wage for a Handyman in Texas


General maintenance and repair workers, commonly called handymen, have a variety of skills. Rather than specializing, they typically can do many tasks, such as maintaining mechanical equipment, making repairs to plumbing and electrical systems and doing carpentry work. Texas is one of the lower-paying states for these workers, but handymen in some parts of Texas earn much higher pay on average than in others.

Average Salary

  • The occupation of general maintenance and repair workers is a large one, with about 1.3 million of them working in the United States in 2009, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 5,120 were employed in Texas. Their average salary in Texas was $14.82 per hour, or $30,840 per year. That was about 16 percent lower than the national average for this occupation of $17.56 per hour.

Salary Range

  • The middle 50 percent of Texas handymen were earning $10.62 to $18 per hour in 2009, or $22,080 to $37,450 per year. The bottom 10 percent had pay rates of $8.34 and less, and the top 10 percent were making $23.07 per hour and higher, or $47,980 per year and more. Nationwide, the range was higher, with the bottom 10 percent having wages at or below $10 per hour, and the top 10 percent at $26.72 per hour and higher.


  • The highest paying region for handymen in Texas in 2009 was the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, where their average hourly wage was $18.23, translating to $37,910 per year. This salary was significantly higher than that of the region ranked second, the greater Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area, where the average wage was $16.01 per hour. Other cities where the pay was higher than the statewide average included Odessa at $15.77, the greater Houston area at $15.70 and the Austin-Round Rock area at $15.69 per hour. The lowest average pay in Texas for handymen was in the Brownsville region at $10.35 per hour, Laredo at $10.90 and the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission region at $10.96.


  • Texas was the fourth lowest paying state for these workers, as of 2009. Ranking at the bottom was Mississippi, with an average wage for general maintenance workers of $14.20 per hour. The average pay rate in South Dakota was $14.33; in Arkansas, $14.75 per hour. The best paying states for handymen on average were Alaska at $21.44, and Connecticut at $20.55 per hour.

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