Funny Games That You Play With Your Hand


Your hands are incredible tools, allowing you to work, eat, greet people and -- depending on your mood -- play. A collection of funny hand games exist that can help you pass the time, settle a bet or prove your skill. Anyone with hands and some time to kill can enjoy these games.

Rock Paper Scissor

  • One of the easiest hand games to play is rock, paper, scissor, also known as Ro Sham Beau. Ideally, you should only play with one other person. Each contestant makes a fist with one hand and chants "one, two, three." On three, each contestant may either keep his hand in a fist (rock), lay his hand out flat (paper) or stick two fingers out (scissor). Rock has the ability to crush the scissor, paper can cover the rock, and the scissor can cut the paper. So if you made a rock and your opponent had a scissor, you would win. However, if you made paper and your opponent made a scissor, you would lose.

Thumb Wars

  • Thumb wrestling involves two contestants at a time. Both contestants must lock hands while keeping their thumbs upright. On the count of three, the match begins. Each contestant must use only her thumb to try and pin her opponent's thumb down. Elbows must be kept on the table. If you can pin your opponent's thumb for three seconds, you win. In some versions, you have to pin your opponent's thumb for ten seconds.

Odds and Evens

  • Odds and evens -- also known as one-two-three shoot -- requires at least two contestants, although it works best with multiple contestants. Contestants form a circle -- all facing one another -- and make a fist with their hands. Next, contestants decide if they want to be odds or evens. After that, everyone says, "one, two, three, shoot!" On "shoot," the contestants either hold out one finger or two. You then count the numerical value of the fingers. For example, if three people are playing and two of them extend one finger and the third two fingers, the grand total would be four. Anyone who called evens would win. The odds are removed from the game. Eventually, only two players remain. One must be even and one must be odd. The final round determines the overall winner.

No Pain, No Glory

  • Although it relies on arm strength, arm wrestling also involves your hands. Two contestants must lock hands and place their elbows on a table. On the count of three, contestants use their hands and arm strength to try and pin the other contestant's hand to the table. Once a hand is pinned, the game is over. Mercy also involves will power and strength. Again, two contestants lock hands. On the count of three, the contestants begin to squeeze their opponent's hand as hard as they can. As soon as one contestant can no longer take it, he must say "mercy." Once mercy is said, the game is over.


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