Natural Cures for Dog Mange


If your dog's skin appears red, inflamed and itchy with multiple scab wounds and hair loss, your dog may be infected with mange. Mange, also referred to as canine scabies, is a skin disease where tiny mites invade your dog's body and reproduce in droves on your dog's skin. Mange most commonly occurs on the lower limbs and around the eyes and lips. Provide relief from mange by administering natural remedies for this disease.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax Solution

  • Create a mange treatment solution by filling a 5-gallon bucket with warm water and adding a 7 oz bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to the bucket. Add 1 cup of borax to the mixture and let it dissolve. Add more borax in small amounts to the mixture until the borax no longer dissolves. This indicates the mixture is fully saturated and ready to use. Stir the mixture, which is now like a paste, thoroughly and bath your pooch in the solution once a week. Do not rub your dog dry after bathing it in the mixture, which will partially remove the mixture from your dog's body. Instead, let it soak in and heal your dog's mange.


  • Garlic may be applied topically and administered orally for the treatment of mange as it contains sulfur, which is repulsive to mites. Dilute garlic tincture (pure liquid garlic) with water and apply to affected areas. Use one part tincture to two parts water to dilute. For example, if using 1 tbsp. of tincture, use 2 tbsp. of water. Garlic's antibacterial properties also minimize the risk of bacterial infection on the skin. Add half or a full dropper of liquid garlic to your dog's water or try chopping garlic cloves and mixing them with your dog's wet food.

Additional Topical Remedies

  • Other natural topical remedies for mange include a neem oil and lavender essential oil blend. Combine one part each of lavender and neem oil with 10 parts almond oil to make a skin rinse that can be applied to affected areas once or twice daily. Apply yarrow oil, ointment or salve to affected areas, which stops the bleeding from oozing wounds and quickens the healing process. Aloe vera's skin-healing properties also may be used in the treatment of mange as it contains antiseptics for healing and skin soothing. Use pure aloe vera gel or fresh-squeezed pulp.

Additional Internal Remedies

  • Additional internal remedies for the treatment of mange include bacteria-killing, raw, unprocessed apple cider vinegar. Add 1 tsp. to your dog's food to treat symptoms. Open a capsule of echinecea and add it to your dog's food to boost its immune system, therefore making the body more capable of fighting mange. Chop some pieces of burdock root or dandelion and add it to your dog's foot. Burdock is a blood cleanser that helps eliminate toxins through urine and also treats dry, scaly skin. Dandelion cleanses the liver, the body's main source of removing toxins.

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