What Are the Strongest Moves for Each Pokemon Type?


The "Pokemon" video game series features 17 types of elements, each with its own set of attacks. While some attacks affect opponents in devious ways, such as paralyzing them, other attacks rely on sheer force. In some cases, the strongest attack of an element may belong to a legendary Pokemon. Learn the base power of each attack so you know which moves to utilize and which to run from.

Fighting and Fire

  • In most cases, Focus Punch, which has a base power of 150, is the strongest Fighting-type attack. However, Reversal, which gains power if the user is low on health, has the potential to reach a base power of 200. Victini, a legendary Fire and Psychic-type Pokemon, possesses V-Create, the strongest Fire-type attack. V-Create has a base power of 180; however, it lowers the user's defensive abilities and speed.

Rock and Ice

  • Head Smash is a Rock-type attack that has a base power of 150, but the user takes a small percentage of damage afterwards. Rock Wrecker is also a Rock-type attack with a base power of 150. Its drawback is that the user cannot move during its next turn. Kyurem, a legendary Ice-type Pokemon, possesses Freeze Shock and Ice Burn. Both Ice-type attacks have a base power of 140. The first attack may paralyze the opponent, while the latter may burn the opponent.

Water and Steel

  • The Water-type attacks Hydro Cannon and Water Spout both have a base power of 150. After using Hydro Cannon, the Pokemon is unable to move the following turn. Water Spout loses power if the user is low on health. Jirachi, a legendary Pokemon, possesses Doom Desire, the strongest Steel-type attack. Doom Desire has a base power of 140; however, the attack takes several turns to cause any damage.

Poison and Flying

  • Gunk Shot, the strongest Poison-type attack, has a base power of 120. It has poor accuracy but may poison the opponent. With a base power of 140, Sky Attack is the strongest Flying-type attack. The attack takes two turns to complete and may cause the opponent to flinch.

Ground and Psychic

  • In terms of Ground-type attacks, Earthquake has a base power of 100; however, Magnitude occasionally has a base power of 150. Magnitude's base power is random, so the attack isn't very reliable. Psycho Boost, a Psychic-type attack that belongs to the legendary Deoxys, has a base power of 140. The trade-off is that Deoxy's special attack power will drop afterwards.


  • Dark-type attacks usually employ underhanded tricks to overcome foes. Foul Play, which has a base power of 95, is the strongest attack in the element. It can also use the target's own attack power to cause greater damage.

Electric and Bug

  • Zakrom, the mascot of "Pokemon White," possesses Bolt Strike, the strongest Electric-type attack. The move has a base power of 130 and may paralyze the opponent. Megahorn has a base power of 120, making it the strongest Bug-type attack. However, Fury Cutter, which gains power when used in succession, can potentially reach a power of 160.

Dragon and Grass

  • Frenzy Plant is a Grass-type attack that has a base power of 150. The user of this attack will be temporarily unable to move afterwards. Roar of Time, a Dragon-type attack, belongs to Dialga, the legendary Pokemon that controls time. It has a base power of 150, but Dialga must recharge after using it.

Normal and Ghost

  • With a base power of 250, Explosion is the strongest Normal-type attack; however, it comes with one major trade-off. Any Pokemon that uses this attack will faint afterwards. Giratina, the legendary Ghost and Dragon-type Pokemon, possesses Shadow Force. It has a base power of 120 and requires two turns to complete.

One-Hit Knockout Attacks

  • Fissure, a Ground-type attack, Sheer Cold, an Ice-type attack, Guillotine, a Normal-type attack, and Horn Drill, also a Normal-type attack, are one-hit knockout moves. Each of these attacks has poor accuracy.

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