The Meaning of Friends in Dreams


Dream interpreters analyze dreams by examining the events, people and symbols that occur in an individual's dream. Ancient societies placed faith in dream interpretation and modern psychologists and analysts use dream interpretation to help people understand themselves. If you dream about your friends, you can discover traits about yourself.

Social Interactions

  • Dreaming about friends can indicate that you express your sociability best among your friends. In a comparison of the dreams of psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, William Domhoff, a psychology instructor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, wrote that friends featured more frequently in Freud's dreams while Jung reported that family appeared often in his dreams. Domhoff notes that Freud was a sociable personality while Jung was more introverted. These personality traits expressed themselves in their dreams.

Intended Dreams

  • You can control your dreams in order to dream about a friend, according to Deirdre Barrett, assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. Barrett suggests that if you want to dream about your friend, perhaps to help you solve a problem with that person or recreate pleasant memories, you should incubate your thoughts before bedtime. Express your wish to dream about your friend verbally before bedtime or look at a visual image of your friend to guide your dream. It may take a few nights of practice before your friend appears in your dream.


  • Psychoanalysts view dreams as a valuable tool in analyzing a person's subconscious thoughts and desires. An psychoanalyst will request that the client discuss associations that the dream evokes. By following the spontaneous flow of feelings and thoughts, a psychoanalyst can help the client understand his dream. Friends often appear in dreams as conduits for other symbols or activities that occur in the dream. The friend acts or speaks in a way that allows the dream to proceed. The dream's further display of actions or symbols have a truer meaning to the dreamer's unconscious. Thus, if your friend holds an object in your dream or engages in an activity with you, you should examine the object or the action rather than the presence of your friend.


  • Friends who appear in a dream can often represent the dreamer himself. As the dreamer sees his friend in a specific situation, the can sometimes determine how he has become stuck somehow. In the dream, his friend's dilemmas and decisions take the place of his own. According to Gillian Holloway in "The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your Dreams Reveal about You and Your Life," analyzing the appearance of a friend in a dream sometimes brings us to analyzing our own fears and struggles.


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