Is Soft Water Good for Bathing?

Bathing in soft water extends the life of your razor.
Bathing in soft water extends the life of your razor. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Soft water offers a completely different bathing experience than does hard water. Your skin and hair feel different when you bathe in soft water. Your soap reacts differently, too. These differences may cause you to wonder if soft water is good for bathing. You may feel you aren’t as clean as you are when you bathe in hard water. In fact; you are actually cleaner when you bathe with soft water. The truth is that soft water is good for bathing.


Soap lathers better in soft water, and you use less soap to be just as effective, if not more so. Shampoo is free to clean your hair, without the hindrance of certain trace minerals in the water, leaving your hair shinier and more manageable. These trace minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, would otherwise adhere to your skin and hair, along with some soap.


Bathe in soft water to allow soap to rinse cleanly from your skin. This clean rinse allows the skin’s natural oils to do their job in making your skin soft and supple. Thus, bathing in soft water often helps to reduce skin irritations, and keeps pores free from clogging. Dry skin is also less of an issue with soft water bathing. The minerals in hard water are drying agents, so there is a noticeable difference without them. This is not deemed to be a cure-all for skin conditions, even though it is better for your skin. For instance; anecdotal testimonies assert that bathing in soft water eases the effects of eczema. However, a study by Nottingham University determined that this is not scientifically the case.


The trace minerals in hard water often adhere to the tub’s surface, while soap particles stick to the minerals. The result of soap particles sticking to these minerals is often referred to as soap curd, or scum. This causes the dreaded bathtub ring. The bathtub is easier to clean when you bathe in soft water. This goes along with the clean rinse. Soft water allows any residual soap to rinse away, and there is no curd to contend with. Curd is a welcoming home for bacterial growth. Hence, soft water bathing is better for your health.

Pipes and Water Heater

Soft water leaves none of the limescale deposits in your water pipes or water heater that hard water does. This extends the life of your plumbing and your water heater. It also reduces your energy costs in the long run. Thus, bathing in soft water is good for your budget, as well as for your body.

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