Signs & Symptoms of a Workaholic


Dedication to your work is a desirable quality. Obsession with work, however, is detrimental to your mental and physical health and your personal relationships. Being first in and last out, working through lunch hour when there’s no emergency, thinking about work even when you’re away, putting work ahead of family and friends -- these habits and others could simply mean that you are devoted to your job, or they could mean you are a workaholic.

Being Forgetful

  • Suddenly forgetting things that you have known for years, including birthdays, anniversaries and ATM numbers, can indicate that your job or profession controls your mind too much. It could mean that the time has come to reorganize your priorities and spend time not thinking about work.

Health Problems

  • True workaholics often purchase memberships to health clubs and then never use them. Workaholics have good intentions but seldom stop working long enough to work out at the health club. Workaholics also tend to suffer anxiety when away from their jobs. They do not eat properly or sleep enough, and many do not get adequate exercise. People who find true success at work understand that other joys in life should remain important. Balancing work with fun and following through with other activities contribute to over-all well-being.

Focusing on Work

  • When leaving work at the end of the day, many workaholics do not turn on their car radios. Instead they find themselves on the their cellphones talking to co-workers or replaying the events of their workday over again in their heads, second guessing each of their decisions and conversations. Once home, most workaholics discuss their jobs with anyone willing to listen. On the rare occasion that workaholics take a family vacation, they take their laptops and cellphones so that they can continue working, never taking a moment to enjoy their day or their family.

There Is Help

  • There is actually a 12-step program for people who suspect they are workaholics -- or for the loved ones or co-workers of those who fit that description. Workaholics Anonymous provides help for people who want to take back their lives and put their jobs in the proper perspective.


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