What Are Honey Sticks?


Honey sticks, also known as honey stix, are plastic straws filled with natural or flavored honey. They can be eaten as a standalone snack or as an added sweetener in drinks, cereals and desserts.

Eating Honey Sticks

  • People enjoy honey sticks in different ways: some simply suck the honey out of the straw. Alternatively, squeeze the honey in tea, coffee and soft drinks, or add to biscuits. Some people like to take honey sticks with them when they are out and about or taking part in sporting activities, as honey boosts energy levels.


  • Honey sticks come in a variety of flavors including caramel, blueberry and apple, and sometimes contain additional ingredients, such as hazelnuts, almond and sesame seeds. Organic honey sticks are free from refined sugar and syrups.


  • Honey sticks are more nutritious than other sweet snacks and are low in fat, particularly if they don’t contain any added sugar. Honey is naturally low in fat and each stick contains about 20 calories, according to the Benefits of Honey. Honey, although it contains natural sugar, is a healthier option than processed sugar, as it is absorbed more slowly and contains vitamins and minerals.


  • You can buy honey sticks from health food stores, directly from honey producers or from online retailers. Some supermarkets also stock them. Alternatively, make your own honey sticks by injecting honey into a straw using a syringe and seal the straw with a heat sealing machine.


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