Tablescape Ideas With a Goldfish Centerpiece

Bring your tablescape to life with a sparkling bowl full of goldfish as the centerpiece. Follow a theme with colors that coordinate or boldly contrast with goldfish colors. Goldfish come in many sizes and varieties, so you can work the details of your tablescape around a centerpiece that will have guests seeing goldfish in a whole new light.

  1. Summer Sunset

    • Never place goldfish near a heat source such as a candle or heater.
      Never place goldfish near a heat source such as a candle or heater.

      Create a glowing tablescape with orange hues and accessories. Use orange dinnerware for a pop of color and enhance your table with subtle touches of peach on napkins and place mats. Add napkin rings shaped like coral with a red or gold tones.

      Place three orange goldfish in a large glass bowl containing clear-glass marbles or floral design rocks. Set the bowl in the center of the table on a grass-cloth place mat surrounded with battery-operated tea lights to enhance the sparkle of the seed-glass and goldfish.


    • A white table makes an ideal backdrop for goldfish in a bowl. You can also improvise with a white tablecloth. Set the table with white dishes and white ceramic-handled silverware. Use clear glasses etched with fish and white napkins secured with raffia for napkin holders. Add more texture to the theme with napkins featuring frayed edges.

      If your table is oblong, place a cylindrical vase filled with two orange and red-flecked goldfish at the end of the table. For a round or square table, place a low-sitting bowl in the center. Fill the vase or bowl with white gravel stones use with aquariums. Choose the whitest rocks available for making goldfish stand out as the centerpiece.

    Contemporary Black

    • Keep goldfish out of reach from curious pets.
      Keep goldfish out of reach from curious pets.

      Black is a strong contrast color for enhancing goldfish. Set the table with black plates on black straw place mats. Surround plates with clear acrylic-handled tableware. Use black linen napkins secured with goldfish-themed holders. Opt for smoked black or gray glassware to add color variation to a solid black theme.

      Fill a square bowl with black floral rocks or smooth decorative stones. Fill the bowl with either one large goldfish as the focal point or several small goldfish for added motion to the tablescape. Goldfish also come in shades of black. If you opt for black goldfish, choose clear-glass floral rocks in the bowl as a backdrop and stick to a silver theme for accessories such as silverware and napkin-holders.


    • Choose light-colored goldfish to blend with natural colors on your table.
      Choose light-colored goldfish to blend with natural colors on your table.

      Create a natural tablescape with outdoor elements such as twigs and leaves. Set the table with floral plates and glassware tinted with a green hue. Opt for a linen tablecloth and spread leaves and twigs across the table in a random fashion that mimics nature. Look for organic cotton napkins at home decor stores and use grapevine twig napkin holders.

      Display five goldfish in separate medium-sized bowls for your centerpiece. Fill the bowls with natural colored stones and group them together for continuity. Between bowls, lay grass and twigs at the bases to give the centerpiece a natural appearance.

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