Signs That My Best Friend Is Attracted to Me


A long stare, a gentle caress and even a tipsy kiss or two. Sounds like the start of an innocent relationship from that stranger you met at the sports bar a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, when these traits are recurrences between you and your best friend, you might wonder if these new displays of affection are some wicked trend or if your pal is in fact attracted to you. Some say dating your best friend is the recipe for a great relationship. However, if you're wondering if these acts are coincidental, discover some surefire signs your friend is into you.

Excessive Compliments

  • Sure, if no one else can tell you how amazing you are, it's the role of your BFF. However, when you notice that your normal compliments confirming that, "no, you are not fat" expand into details about your physical attributes, you could have a crush surfacing. Pay attention to your friend's eyes and comments when you're barely dressed and complain about your flabby thighs or pudge developing on your tummy. If your friend retorts with "your body is sexy," or "I love your body, especially your legs," this kind of praise could be directed more toward his physical attraction to you.

Playing a Little More Than Doctor

  • As kids, playing a little exploratory game of "doctor" meant you and your friend were able to touch and feel body parts other than arms and legs. If you and your bestie have found yourselves caught in a few conspicuous situations where you let a hug linger too long or almost kissed each other, well, now might be the time to ask your friend what she's feeling. If you find that you're getting brushed and touched a little more than normal, even lightly, your friend could be sending signals your way that she wants the green light to move to another level.

Lovey Dovey

  • It's easier for friends to transition into partners naturally just for the fact that the two of you are already quite comfortable with each other. So when you notice a slight upgrade to the emotions of your friendship, it's a dead giveaway that he wants more. Your routine calls and departures begin and end with "I love yous" that never previously occurred. Notice when your corny nicknames and playful jabs on the arm transform into sweet pet names like "honey" and "sweetheart" with smacks on the bottom. There's a thin line between friendship and relationship, making the crossover quite easy. The key is realizing one day that your best friend is turning into your boyfriend.

Not So Subtle

  • When your best friend comes right out and says she wishes she could date you, well, then there's no need to scratch your head wondering anymore. The bold confidence required to openly admit her attraction to you might strike you as a joke and, quite frankly, she might test you to see how you react. Now is an opportune time to sit your bosom buddy down for a quick chat about her feelings and emotions.


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