The Top 10 Catfish Baits


Catfish are marine or freshwater fish that are so named for their long, whiskerlike barbels around their mouths that create a catlike resemblance. Catfish is a popular dish in many restaurants around the globe, and are hunted by many people for sport and for food. There are several different types of baits that fishermen can use that are more likely to attract these fish.


  • Worms are perhaps the most classic bait used to fish with. You see worms used in nearly every fishing scenario. Worms used to catch catfish include garden worms, night crawlers and mini crawlers. When fishing for catfish with worms, make sure you use enough worms at one time to allow the hook to skim along the bottom of the lake. This is where the fish lie waiting for food.


  • Large and extra-large minnows can be used to catch catfish. Many anglers like to kill the minnows before putting them on the hook so they cut down on the minnows' movements that may attract bass instead of catfish.


  • When you're using clams for catfish, it is best to use fresh instead of frozen or processed. All kinds are likely to produce catfish, but the fresh variety is more appealing to them and is more likely to attract them to the hook.


  • Shrimp, also called prawns, is another great bait for catfish. Shrimp can be used whole, cut into halves, with or without the shell. It all depends on the angler's preference, as well as the size of catfish he is going for. Generally, the larger the shrimp, the higher the possibility of a bigger catfish.


  • Crawfish are one of the primary sources of food for a catfish, so using them as bait is often highly effective. Use either live crawfish or just the meat from the tail, shell removed, to catch catfish.


  • Cheese can be an effective bait for catching catfish. Any variety of cheese is effective, but the orange varieties, such as American or cheddar cheese, have more potential to produce a higher number of catfish.

Chicken Livers


  • Shad, or a fish in the herring family, can be used live or cut into large chunks to catch catfish. Using other fish to catch a catfish is highly effective, especially because catfish are attracted to strong meats.

Dip Baits

  • A dip bait is a thick, gelatinous goo combination that is very popular to use for catfish. Dip baits can be purchased at bait stores, and they can also be made personally by anglers themselves. Dip baits must be solid so they don't immediately dissolve in the water, but they must also be soft enough to break down and spread in the water to attract more catfish.

Other Meats

  • Other meat choices can be used as effective baits for catfish. Hot dogs, bologna and salami are great meats that will attract catfish.


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