Sony PCV-7732 Specs

The Sony PCV-7732 is the alternate name for the Sony VAIO PCV-RX580, a desktop PC that Japan-based consumer electronics manufacturer Sony Corp. released in 2001. Generally designed as a multimedia center running the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system, the PCV-7732 came with a VAIO Smart Keyboard, PS/2 wheel mouse, a pair of speakers, and RJ-11 and power cords.

  1. Processor and Memory

    • Each Sony PCV-7732 has an Intel Pentium 4 processor that has a 1.8-GHz processing speed. Its front-side bus speed -- the rate at which the chip connects with the motherboard for data transfer -- is 400 MHz, and it uses its 256KB cache for high-speed access to computer data. Otherwise, the Pentium 4 processor would have to resort to accessing the desktop's 512MB system memory at a slower speed of 133 MHz.

    Storage and Multimedia

    • Each Sony PCV-7732 has a Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment-connected hard drive offering 80GB of storage space. Also included are a 3.5-inch 1.44MB floppy disk drive and Sony Memory Stick flash memory slot. The optical drive is a CD/DVD player and burner that accommodates the "-" DVD recordable format. The PCV-7732's video and graphics comes from an Accelerated Graphics Port-attached Nvidia TNT2 M64 graphics controller, which takes up to 32MB worth of system memory.


    • Each Sony PCV-7732 has a modem that adheres to the International Telecommunications Union's V.90 standard and a 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet connection that provides up to 100Mbps in data transfer. The external connectors include three USB ports, RJ-11 and RJ-45 jacks for the modem and Ethernet, two PS/2 ports for the mouse and keyboard, Video Graphics Array output for the monitor, serial and parallel connectors, 4- and 6-pin i.LINK connectors, and headphone, line-in and microphone jacks.

    Dimensions, Expansion, Power

    • With a weight of 27.6 lbs., the Sony PCV-7732 measures around 8 inches in width, 14.2 inches high and 14.6 inches deep. The desktop includes a 3.5-inch internal bay for an extra disk drive and two unoccupied Peripheral Component Interconnect slots for compatible devices. The power cord included in the packaging has a voltage range of 100 to 120 volts and 50/60 hertz line frequency.

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