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Vampire looks are constantly evolving and, recently, this has been due to the renewed popularity of vampire movies. You can take influences from any of these to make cute girl's vampire hairstyles for a costume or party. Style classic vampire locks for a romantic look. Fans of fashionable vamp chronicles such as the 'Twilight Saga" and "Vampire Diaries" could choose something modern.


  • Traditionally, vampires are depicted with a widow's peak hairline. This is hair that recedes slightly at the side and comes to a point in the middle. You can use a dark eye shadow, paint-on hair color from a makeup shop or face paint to draw this shape into the hairline. This looks particularly cute on younger girls. Choose a color close to the natural hair shade or a vampy black. To get the full vampire effect of a widow's peak, slick the hair back with a dab of gel so that it stays flat. You could also team this with a relaxed, chic updo, such as a ponytail or ballerina bun.


  • Traditional gothic vampire hair is black, and wearing hair darker than usual also makes the skin look paler. For gothic locks, use temporary spray-on or paint-in color from a make-up shop. Smooth a little petroleum jelly around the hairline to stop any stray color from staining. Spray or paint the surface of the hair to achieve the desired black.


  • Traditional girl vampire hair, inspired by Dracula or Nosferatu, is flowing and romantic in style. These looks were based on the 19th century, so you could choose a slightly old-fashioned style to get the feel of the time. Braiding the front and sides of long hair leaves it to tumble at the back. Use tongs to create occasional ringlets, but then brush these through so that the hair remains authentically fluffy and wispy. Or scoop hair into a loose bun, pulling out sections to tumble around the front and sides.


  • Modern vampires, from films such as "Twilight" are usually styled with the fashionable haircuts of the day. Achieve a modern vampire hairstyle for girls by using ceramic straightening irons or tongs. These give the required modern polish. For salon volume, set damp hair on large rollers with a little setting lotion. Blow-dry the style out to give smooth, bouncy locks. You could straighten hair with ceramic straightening irons --- as long as you use these only briefly and with protector spray, they should not damage a younger girl's hair. You can also use the straightening iron to curl hair by rolling it down the hair shaft in a corkscrew shape. Use a final spritz of shine-spray or serum to get gloss, or use a paint-in hair color to give trendy highlights, from red to blonde.


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