What Kind of Herbs Can Rodents Eat?

Keep your rodent happy and healthy with appropriate herbs.
Keep your rodent happy and healthy with appropriate herbs. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Rodents, like most pets, can receive their entire balanced diet with the food pellets purchased at the pet store. However, you can also give your pet rodents special treats on occasion. Of all the various fruits and vegetables you can give your rodents, one tasty treat that can spice up a rather bland diet is herbs.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are sensitive rodents that can only eat certain fresh herbs. A few springs of fresh and clean parsley can be given to guinea pigs as a special treat. Parsley is high in vitamin C, which the guinea pigs must acquire from their food. Guinea pigs can also eat fresh clover and dandelion greens. Whenever you feed a guinea pig herbs, make certain that the herbs are clean and have not spoiled.


Mice’s diets tends to benefit more from fresh vegetables and fruits than from herbs. In fact, the only recommended herb to feed mice is parsley. Especially avoid rhubarb leaves and tomato leaves with mice, as they can cause digestive problems.


Hamsters, similar to rabbits, can eat almost any fresh herb. The best way to figure out your hamster’s taste is to introduce a small amount of the herb and see if they eat it. Some great herbs to feed hamsters include basil, cilantro, fenugreek (to make your hamster smell like maple syrup) and mint. As with mice, avoid rhubarb leaves and tomato leaves with hamsters.


Rats are one animal that love variety in their diet. You can safely offer rats all the basic cooking herbs as well as herbs such as plantain and lavender. To really brighten up your rat's coat and keep them healthy, consider making your rats a homemade food blend using seeds, whole grains and herbs. Dried meadow mixes available for rabbits can be added and are packed with healthy dried herbs for your rat.

Pet Garden

All rodents enjoy a little sun, soil and fresh air. One of the best ways to do just that is to build your pet a garden. Along with traditional garden choices such as carrots and broccoli, consider planting some herbs. Herbs are easy to grow from seeds and most can be surface sown. Best of all, your little rodents will enjoy snacking on the fresh garden herbs.

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