Vine & Flower Tattoos Ideas

Use morning glory vines for a tattoo design.
Use morning glory vines for a tattoo design. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Flowers and vines can be made into elaborate tattoo designs that span the entire body. Wrap the vine around the arms or legs. Place the tattoo design from the side, up the back and over the shoulder. The best thing about vine tattoos is that they are always expandable and the placement options are nearly limitless. Flowers have different meanings, as do the color of flowers. Choose a flowering vine that is personally symbolic, or choose a favorite flower just because it's beautiful.

Morning Glory

The morning glory vine is a fast grower that climbs over trees and fences, just like it could climb over an entire human body as a tattoo. The flowers are round and can be white, blue or pink. Morning glories represent affection but can also represent unrequited love. White stands for purity and innocence, so a white morning glory tattoo could stand for pure affection. Since white also stands for mourning, morning glories can be used as a memorial tattoo. Blue morning glories could represent peace, and pink flowers could represent young girls and happy childhood days.


The honeysuckle vine could be made into a playful tattoo design. It has bell-shaped flowers and round leaves. The flowers do have a strange shape, so take care to find an artist that will do the flower justice. Honeysuckle comes in many colors, such as white, pink, red and yellow. Yellow represents the sun and warmth of friendship. Combine a yellow honeysuckle vine with sun tattoos. Honeysuckle itself stands for the bond of undying love. Hummingbirds are attracted to the bell-shaped flowers. Add a hummingbird to the vine tattoo design.

Daisy Vine

The daisy vine has large leaves with small orange daisy-like flowers. Daisies represent innocence, faith, loyalty and love. During the 1960s, they represented peace. Create a tattoo design of a peace sign with a daisy vine wrapped around it. The flower has also come to represent the Christ child, and the vine could be wrapped around a cross in a tattoo design. The flowers are a dark, but bright, orange. The color stands for energy, enthusiasm, confidence and pride.


There are three types of bittersweet, but all three can be used in vine tattoo designs. The most common bittersweet is the oriental bittersweet. The plant has small yellow pods that break open to reveal bright red seeds. Oriental bittersweet will wrap tightly around a tree and strangle it, giving it a bad reputation. Use the plant in a tattoo design and have it wrapped tightly around something else. A heart, for example. Nightshade is also a type of bittersweet vine. The purple flowers with yellow stamens are highly poisonous. Create a tattoo design of the nightshade vine wrapped around a heart and add the poison symbol to represent love as poison. Purple also represents bravery.

Flame Lily

The flame lily gets its name because the petals of the flower look like flames rising and jumping in the breeze. The bottom of the petals are yellow and then become a vibrant red at the top. A tattoo design could have the flowers surrounded by flame, or the petals themselves could be the flames. In tattoos, fire often represents destruction or a beacon of light in dark times. It can also mean rebirth, like the phoenix. Add a phoenix to the tattoo by having it fly out from within the petals of the flame lily.

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