Informative Speech Topics on Concepts


Informative speeches about concepts include theories, ideas and major themes that attempt to inform people about their history and function. Explaining how concepts work can help audiences understand their place in society. To make speeches more effective, speakers can use charts, graphs and multimedia presentation software to get their messages across.


  • Speeches about concepts in government can focus on how nations govern using different forms, such as tyranny, monarchy, aristocracy and democracy. Informing people about each government's process -- how it passes laws and how it rules the media, for example -- can all make interesting topics to discuss. Topics can include nations that use such systems today, nations that changed their systems of governments and the effectiveness of each. Topics can also focus on the best and worst practices of each form of government along with the triumphs and struggles of each throughout history.


  • Informative speeches about religion cover the major religious concepts of the world, including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and Islam. Informative speeches explaining the major beliefs, major holidays and times of the year considered most holy can all help audiences understand the religion's concepts. Topics can include the major struggles of each religion, including wars and conflicts caused by religious strife; they can also speak about trends including growth of membership. Speakers can also address some of the biggest religious leaders and their impact on both their own followers and the political world.

Social Issues

  • Throughout American history, people organized for different causes and beliefs and fought for changes in society that stemmed from social problems, thus supporting the growth of concepts such as feminism and civil rights. Topics can include the history and beginnings of each of these movements, discussing the laws passed thus far and the work yet to be done. Speeches can also focus on the major leaders that emerged from each of these movements as well as key battles, victories and losses along the way. Topics about how the media covers each can also work.


  • Speeches about concepts in business can include entrepreneurship, economics, capitalism, marketing and advertising. In the area of entrepreneurship, topics can focus on starting a business, key strategies in successful ownership and hiring employees. Topics about marketing and advertising can explain some of the best campaigns used to sell products as well as some of the worst. Speakers can address how each works and some of the major hurdles each area faces in both a good and bad economy. Topics can also include business functions outside the United States and how foreign companies make adaptations to concepts. Speakers can also address ethical issues within each area.


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