Reasons for Having a Nursing License Revoked

Nurses must act professionally at all times.
Nurses must act professionally at all times. (Image: Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Licensed registered nurses should expect a rapid employment growth rate, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between 2008 to 2018, job opportunities for registered nurses will increase by 22 percent. Licensed nurses must comply with ethical and legal standards outlined by the State Board of Registered Nursing. Acts such as drug use, falsifying information or unprofessional conduct will result in disciplinary action, and, depending on the case, nurses may have their license revoked.

Abusing Drugs or Narcotics

Nurses who abuse prescription drugs such as pain medication can have their license revoked, and are required to enter addiction recovery programs that have been specifically designed to treat nurses who abuse prescription drugs. Nurses who complete the program and remain clean will be eligible to retain their license. Refusing to participate in a recovery program or continuing to abuse drugs and alcohol while in recovery will result in dismissal or the revocation of a nursing license by the State Board of Nursing.

Falsifying Information

Falsifying information through acts such as impersonating another licensed practitioner, providing a false copy of a license, or falsifying patient records can all lead to the revocation of a nursing license. Falsifying information through mail fraud is a felony. It is unlawful for a nurse to use the postal service illegally by impersonating someone else, stealing someone else’s mail, or using the postal service to obtain money. Nurses who are involved in these types of activities will be discharged.

Unprofessional Conduct

Nurses must always demonstrate professionalism. Unprofessional conduct, such as the use of inappropriate language around colleagues or having affairs with a superior, can result in the loss of a license. Although unprofessional conduct may be excused for first-time offenders, nurses must refrain from behaving unprofessionally at all times. The State Board of Nursing does not tolerate other forms of unprofessional conduct, such as hosting pornographic websites. Unprofessional conduct can result in instant termination.

Abusing or Neglecting Patients

Patient abuse and neglect are not uncommon in the nursing field, according to the job site Many of these incidents may be unintentional, due largely to simple mistakes made by nurses. Nurses who work long hours or who have to deal with several patients at a time may forget certain procedures. Nonetheless, patient abuse and neglect is considered one of the most serious offenses, as it affects not only a patient but also a patient’s family members. Even when patient neglect is caused unintentionally, the State Board of Nursing is authorized to revoke a nurse’s license.

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