The Parts of a Duck


You might hear a group of ducks quacking, but ducks are docile creatures that don't often disturb other animals. They also are examples of evolutionary adaptation. Each part of a duck is suited for a purpose, from its wings and head to its feathers and tail.


  • A duck has great vision and can see 360 degrees with two eyes on both sides of its head. A duck has no tear ducts though, so it must moisten its eyes by bathing.

Bill and Nostrils

  • The duck's wide bill allows it to dredge soil in an aquatic environment. It also enables it to find insects and drink water with ease.The bill has a layer of keratin, which is replenished continually. A duck's nostrils, located on the bill near its head, allow it to find food without having to hold its breath underwater.

Tail and Wings

  • Tail markings of a duck are indications of its gender. Curly tail feathers indicate a male duck while straight trail feathers represent a female. The wings of a duck are designed perfectly to fly long distances. These wings are strong and aerodynamic.


  • Feathers on a duck are kept in place by constant maintenance. A duck secretes oil from a gland by its tail, and coats its feathers with the oil. This helps to deflect water while swimming.The feathers also have a layer of down underneath that helps insulate the duck from cold.


  • The feet are perhaps the most well known attribute of a duck. The webbing between the toes allows ducks to maneuver quickly through water to escape predators and find food. Duck feet have small nails on the end of every toe.


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