Four Methods for Delivering Oral Presentations


An important part of preparing to present a speech is to decide on which method of delivery is most compatible with the topic of speech and the type of audience. For a person interested in speech delivery methods, four methods exist for delivering an oral presentation.


  • The manuscript method is a form of speech delivery that involves speaking from text. With this method, a speaker will write out her speech word for word and practice how she will deliver the speech. A disadvantage of this method is a person may sound too practiced or stiff. To avoid sounding rehearsed, use eye contact, facial expressions and vocal variety to engage the audience. Use frequent glances at highlighted key points instead of reading the speech word for word.


  • The memorization method is a form of speech delivery that involves fully memorizing a speech before delivering it. This method of delivery allows a speaker to move around the stage or platform and maintain eye contact with the audience without relying on a script or notes. For speakers who deliver their speeches by memorization, add inflection to the voice and keep notes nearby to avoid forgetting an important key point.


  • The impromptu method is a form of speech delivery that involves speaking from notes. This method is ideal for a speaker needing to deliver a short speech with little preparation time. With the impromptu method, a speaker will organize his speech in outline form, create notes with the key points of the presentation and deliver the speech from the notes. This method allows a speaker to deliver a speech in a natural manner while maintaining eye contact and engaging an audience.


  • The extemporaneous method is a form of speech delivery that involves combining the manuscript, memorization and impromptu methods to create a carefully prepared and planned speech. For this method, a speaker will organize a speech with an outline, write down the speech word for word and practice the delivery. A speaker may highlight key points in the speech to quote verbatim and memorize other portions of the speech to speak in a more conversational tone. The extemporaneous method of delivery allows a speaker to engage an audience and adapt to any speaking situation.

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